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Episode 5: Showdown
2020 May 271h 23m 31s
Welcome to the Nerd arena!
Episode 4: Wrestling History
2020 May 201h 1m 54s
Let's get one thing straight, wrestling is cool. The sport of macho men & women tussling around in a ring in colorful spandex is possibly one of the greatest sports out right now! How did it get to be such a huge success? Well in this episode we give a history lesson on the moments in wrestling entertainment that have led to it being one of the greatest sports ever! Yea we said EVER, and that's the bottom line, because Not for Nerds said so!
Episode 3: The Great Console War
2020 May 1359m 23s
Time for a history lesson normie!
Episode 2: Non MCU Superhero Films kit
2020 May 0640m 21s
You know what's popular? Marvel films. They're great, but they aren't the first superhero movies to be successful. In this episode we list off different hero films for you to enjoy and to avoid
Special Star Wars Day Episode
2020 May 0537m 52s
Happy Star Wars day normies!
Episode 1: Anime Starter Kit
2020 Apr 2647m 23s
Episode 1 is here!
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