The Skee Sports Card Show
  • DJ skee
13 episodes
The Skee Sports Card Show breaks down everything cards. Hosted by DJ Skee, a world-famous DJ, entrepreneur, TV Host, and founder of Skee Sports. In the sports card industry, Skee is a co-owner of Cards & Coffee- the premier modern-day card shop, partners in the venture backed Mint 10 sports card fund, host of the upcoming series "Card Clout," & founder of the CardHouse network. Each episode breaks down the sports card market for both beginners & experts. Shows also feature special guests, including athletes, artists, and industry insiders. Follow @djskee for more.


Starstock CEO on Trends, the Future of Cards, and Kevin Durant's Investment in the Sector
2021 Feb 0336m 1s
Starstock CEO Scott Greenberg talks about creating a next-gen card platform, Kevin Durant's investment, and inside analytics, trends, and forecasts based on data from the site.
The Man Who Spent $5.2 Million Dollars On A Mickey Mantle Baseball Card Speaks!
2021 Jan 1541m 11s
Rob Gough connects with Skee on the day he set a new world record for the highest price paid ever for a sports card- $5,200,000.00 for a PSA 9 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie Card!! Get the exclusive story and process behind this epic purchase (and why there may be bigger ones coming)!
Ep 11. Efdot (Topps Project 2020 Artist Series)
2021 Jan 0540m 33s
Brooklyn's own EFDOT shares his story on how his abstract-meets-figurative style works with sports cards, come up in the art world, as well as his entries in Topps' Project 2020.
Ep. 10: Tyson Beck (Topps Project 2020 Artist Series)
2021 Jan 0344m 35s
Tyson Beck joins us to discuss working with Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers, creating his own collaboration cards, how he ended up working with every major professional sports league, and his Topps Project 2020 series.
Ep. 9- Irrational Exuberance: Pokemon, Soccer, and More w/PSA's Michael Osacky
2020 Dec 2133m 8s
PSA's lead authenticator Michael Osacky is back to discuss the downsides and caution areas he sees in the card market- Pokemon fans may want to pay attention! Michael & Skee also discuss Soccer and more on the card industry in general.
Ep 8: Blake Jamieson (Topps Project 2020 Artist Series)
2020 Dec 2052m 42s
Blake Jamieson is featured in this edition of Topps Project 2020 Artist Interview series to talk about his specialty of mixing art and sport. Blake's art is in the collections of Howie Mandel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rick Harrison, and over 250 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, and PLL. His art has also been purchased for international private collections, including in Spain, Canada, Dubai, Australia, and Switzerland.
Ep. 7- PSA's Lead Appraiser Michael Osacky on Recent World-Record Sales & Industry Analysis
2020 Dec 1537m 22s
Skee connects with Michael Osacky, founder of and PSA's official appraiser to discuss the recent world record sales on Giannis, Wayne Gretzky, and more while also providing analysis and insight on the market.
Ep. 6- Gregory Siff Interview (Topps 2020 Artist Series)
2020 Dec 1056m 18s
Gregory Siff joins DJ Skee in this chapter of the Topps Project 2020 Artist Interview series to talk his iconic designs behind the series, history as a sports fan, love of baseball, and story coming up as an artist. Siff has done commissions and installations for Mercedes Benz, Vans, Red Bull, and Warner Bros. among others and his artworks are included in Swizz Beatz’s Dean Collection, Deitch Projects, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Soho House New York and the Google HQ, to name a few.
Ep. 5- Andrew Thiele Interview (Topps 2020 Artist Series)
2020 Dec 081h 2s
As part of our Topps Project 2020 Artist Interview Series (pt. 3 of 20), DJ Skee catches up with artist, entrepreneur, and creative director Andrew Thiele out of New York City. Andre made his staple in NYC with his design studio Artek Creative working within music, fashion, and nightlife. Since then his design studio partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world, and was selected as an artist for Topps' Project 2020. He breaks down his love of sports and specific cards in his interview series
Ep. 4- Adam Lefkoe on NBA Draft Cards, 2021 Season + More
2020 Nov 2145m 1s
NBA on TNT & Bleacher Report host Adam Lefkoe joins DJ Skee to chat their shared obsession with cards, as well as discuss how they got into the scene, future trends, favorite stories, and which cards to buy after the NBA Draft as well as predictions for the 2021 NBA Season!