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S2E09 | “On Mission In Hungary” – Interview with Scott Quigley
2021 Apr 0956m 11s
Scott is a missionary with Younglife in Hungary and shares testimony and thoughts on bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ there.
S2E08 | “Unmasked Missionaries” – Sermon by Bridget Bonenfant
2021 Mar 1924m 40s
Are you a masked fraud? Bridget preaches from Acts 19:11–16 🔥🔥🔥
S2E07 | “God Is Speaking, Are You Listening?” – Joseph Mathias on Reading God's Word
2021 Mar 0552m 15s
Reading God's word is foundational to our relationship with Him, but reading God's word is hard. Joseph Mathias shares some of his thoughts on growing in our relationship with God through His word.
S2E06 | “A Greater Power” – Sermon from Brendan Murray
2021 Feb 1920m 51s
We're digging into God's word from Romans 8:2 today! Get ready for Brendan to bring the fire.
S2E05 | Are Christians doing Apologetics wrong? – Joint Episode with Tony Creedan
2021 Feb 0529m 10s
We're back—Happy 2021! This episode is a conversation between Will Cannon and Tony Creedan, the host of The BoldSpeak podcast. It is the introductory episode to a new series he is doing on 1 Peter 3. Definitely worth tuning in for this 9 episode series on his pod!
S2E04 | The power of our YES – Zach & Mallie Cunningham
2020 Dec 1128m 29s
Zach and Mallie are missionaries with The Salt Co. (https://thecommonschurch.org/the-salt-co/) at Michigan State University.
S2E03 | Freedom To Fight – Bridget Bonenfant
2020 Nov 2729m 34s
Bridget Bonenfant talks about the freedom we all need to find in our relationship with Christ.
S2E02 | Walking By Faith – Sam Badjie
2020 Nov 1357m 58s
Sam Badjie testifies to the Lord's provision in his life and his call to mission.
S2E01 | Holiness – A Conversation with Dr. Dan Keating
2020 Oct 3036m 57s
We start the new season strong with an interview with Dr. Dan Keating! We discuss the topic of holiness and how he has grown nearer to the Lord over his life.
S2E00 | Welcome to Rise & Live!
2020 Oct 2314m 41s
A brand new season (with a slight reboot) is coming up. Will, Brendan, and Travis introduce the new direction the podcast is taking.