Off Headset: A Theater Podcast
  • Alessandro Gaiarin and Adam Lemos
5 episodes
Two theater boys trying their best. A conversation about doing theatre in your early 20's. Hosted by Adam Lemos and Alessandro Gaiarin.


Off Headset 5: Burnouts
2018 May 0233m 6s
Episode 5: We're back from a semi-accidental 3 week break and we're ready to talk about how tired we are. Alessandro gets mad about spoilers. Adam loves Cheez-Its.
Off Headset 4: Superstitions
2018 Apr 0424m 22s
Episode 4: Theater people are pretty superstitious, huh? We talk about some commonly known theater superstitions, and a few lesser known ones. Adam suggests pushing someone down a flight of stairs. Alessandro is sleepy.
Off Headset 3: Auditioning
2018 Mar 2829m 35s
EDIT: Sandro here. Because I'm a fool, I messed up saying our email address. We're, not offheadsetpodcast. Whoops.
Off Headset 2: Freelancing
2018 Mar 1930m 34s
Episode 2: We talk about the differences between freelancing and a permanent theater position. Adam wants to be a lackey. Alessandro pretends he's in charge of his life. No one understands Cats: The Musical.
Off Headset 1: First Read
2018 Mar 1222m 31s
Here we go. Episode 1. We talk about our relationships with theater, and why we decided to start this podcast. Adam gets Greek. Alessandro has a regret about Hamilton.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.