The Big Beef Review
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2 episodes
Welcome to the Big Beef Review! Hosted by Mati, Raul, and Sam; we go over the latest wrestling shows and news! Get ready, there's a lot of beef to get through.


Big Beef Review: TLC 2020 (Episode 2)
2020 Dec 211h 37m 55s
This episode, Mati, Sam, and Raul review TLC 2020. Featuring: Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Style, Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens, Carmella for some reason, a man being lit on fire, and all of the issues with WWE booking as a whole.
Big Beef Review: Payback 2020 (Episode 1)
2020 Aug 311h 1m 10s
Welcome to the pilot episode of the Big Beef Review! Join Mati, and a drunk Raul and Sam as we cover a dumpster fire of a show: Payback 2020. Featuring: the problems with WWE booking, Keith Lee's PPV, Roman Reigns return, and more! Get ready, this PPV sucks.
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