The Order of the Golden Apple
  • Joshua Young
9 episodes
An actual-play D&D 5e podcast of the adventures of the Order of the Golden Apple.
DM: Josh Young
Bor Grandur, Human Paladin: Brian Harrison
Bree Bottlehill, Halfling Bard: Jen Harrison
Ebofrey Farric, Gnome Rogue: John Wilson
Elrich Valvaris, Elf Wizard: Ryan Haupt
Eluris Dayspring, Half-Elf Cleric: Kevin Craig
Glen O' the Lake, Human Fighter: John Donnelly


"Love Lost", Episode 8
2020 Dec 042h 13s
The Order licks its wounds after the strange run-in with the dragonborn, Naovak and travels to the woodland encampment of the Brazen Bastards, before forcing their way in and running into an old enemy in the process.
"Love Lost", Episode 7
2020 Nov 132h 12m 55s
The Order finds a clue possibly pointing them towards the lair of the Brazen Bastards, and makes a frenemy on the way there.  Also, HERE BE DRAGONS.
"Love Lost", Episode 6
2020 Nov 062h 4m 42s
The Order of the Golden Apple interrogates Dunkirk Axehaft, do a little shopping, and then make their way west to the Brazen Bastards safehouse, running into a strange enemy and her small parliament of owlbears along the way.
One Shot! - Dread, "The Hunger"
2020 Oct 313h 8m 56s
We take a quick break from our regular game to having some creepy Halloween fun with a one-shot session of Dread, playing the scenario "The Hunger."  We have our usual cast, but in some new roles:
"Love Lost", Episode 5
2020 Oct 231h 52m 56s
Despite some technical difficulties in the real world, the Order of the Golden Apple conducts a thorough, two-part interrogation of Tobias Harper, trying to get to the bottom of the tangled web that is the theft of the Iron Heart.  Part of the group gets to enjoy some hot baths, good beer, and good food.  The rest of them spend  an uncomfortable night on a spartan cot in a cold stone room.
"Love Lost", Episode 4
2020 Oct 161h 58m 58s
The Order catches up with Tobias Harper, preventing his escape, but things do not go easily for them.  A vicious group of harpies decide to make a meal of the Order of the Golden Apple in the process.
"Love Lost", Episode 3
2020 Oct 091h 48m 26s
The Order starts asking around the Brightstone Mining Concern compound in Tel'amon, meeting some interesting characters and personalities as they do so.  At least one of them is a liar and may be responsible for the theft of the Iron Heart, and potentially involved in their being ambushed on the road to Tel'amon.
"Love Lost", Episode 2
2020 Oct 051h 57m 43s
After a strange run-in with a small ogre warband, the Order of the Golden Apple becomes aware that someone conspired to place them in that dangerous situation.  After some more time on the road, they reach the safety of Tel'amon and the Brightstone Mining Concern.
"Love Lost", Episode 1
2020 Sep 252h 47s
The first episode of this story arc, titled "Love Lost", begins with the Order of the Golden Apple celebrating their friend and former companion's appointment as Baron of the remote barony of Briarwood, capping off the events of the the party's exploits from Chapter 1, "Betrayal in Briarwood."  A strange gnome approaches the party and offers them work and pay on behest of a new friend - to help return a current member's mentor back to life!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.