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Revelation station s2 ep2
2021 Mar 101h 10m 6s
Today we are going to talk about choosing your friends wisely through scripture and how God wants to shape your life through all the steps of carry that cross down the narrow road. We are also going to talk about all the types of sabbath rests and everything to do with desiple making.
Revelation station s2 e1
2021 Feb 071h 19s
We are on our second season already!!!! Time goes way too fast!!! Today we are going to talk about the love of Jesus and also to be aware about false teachers among us today. you're also going to talk about faith and what faith really is.
Revelation station part 10
2021 Jan 2647m 49s
So today we are going to dive into 2 Thessalonians and Revelation talking about the present times and what is going on right now. Then we are going to dive in to Stevens testimony and about how he came to Christ.
Revelation station part 9
2021 Jan 1945m 7s
Today we are going to continue the topic of atheistic delusion and how it takes a lot of faith to become an atheist.
Revelation station part 8
2021 Jan 1643m 34s
We have a special guest today!!! This special guest is going to talk about her testimony and how she came to Christ. I will also be talking about my testimony as well.
Revelation station part 7
2021 Jan 1254m 27s
Today we are going to be talking about the atheistic delusion. we are talking about how atheists do not have enough Faith to be an atheist and the contradictions and the hypocrisy within atheism.
Revelation Station part 6
2020 Dec 1537m 16s
we are continuing with the gospel today and then also talking a bit about the tribulation
Revelation station part 5
2020 Dec 0850m 49s
Today we are going to talk about God's morals and the proof of God through the teachings of right and wrong. Ps. Sorry for the audio I have no idea what was going on there
Revelation station part 4
2020 Dec 0146m 32s
In this episode we will be talking about the evidence of creationism. We will be bringing some evidence to table by the existence of God. Enjoy!
Revelation station part 3
2020 Nov 2526m 45s
I know this is not the day I’m which I would make a podcast but I thought I would make one because not only hearing the gospel about God is good but i Also felt like I needed to say somethings.