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I want to be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. I'm here to motivate, Inspire and educate. Why? Because Happiness can be created, shared and experienced. πŸ’›


Celebrating Achievements = Happiness πŸ’›
2018 Dec 189m 12s
Do you want to be happier? Did you know that practicing gratitude and reflecting on your own achievements can really boost happy endorphins. What did you accomplish this year (2018) and what are you looking forward to achieving in 2019?
How opposites attract - learning from others
2018 Nov 167m 31s
How opposites attracts, connecting ideas and senergy creates innovation in business and life
Who and what inspires you?
2018 Nov 155m 31s
Who really radiates positive energy for you? And why Is that? I’m inspired by Sara Al Madani and Gary Vee. What about you?
Confidence is Happiness
2018 Jul 256m 39s
Be you, be unique, be different, because being different in being creative, innovation, stand out from the crowd, stand proud in your strengths, your successes and lead your life happier and healthier. 😁🌞
Being the Better Version of You 😁
2018 Jul 2210m 39s
Do you want to wake up and be the Better Version of You, can you image being you, standing tall, smiling, looking good and letting only positive emotions run your day? Tune in for more info...
I’m so happy today..
2018 Jul 173m 42s
I am happy because I know my β€œwhy” I ask you to dig deep and find your why? Why do you do what you do, what your passion and purpose?
Purpose & Passion to Sustaining Happiness ❀️
2018 Jul 1617m 26s
Do you want to wake up with purpose and passion, sustain happiness in your daily life? You can keep.it really simple and apply what really motivates you to your daily tasks. Tune in for more info.
Happiest Moments of Life
2018 Jul 1212m 31s
What are your happiest moments in life? Can you recreate and relive that joy? Can you create, share and experience that happiness all over again? Tune in...
The life of a student
2018 Jul 037m 58s
Student Happiness, Mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing can be sustainable 😁
What’s your happiness today? β˜€οΈ
2018 Jun 232m 42s
Do you live with purpose, passion and goals? Create happiness today, share and experience it β˜€οΈπŸ’›πŸ˜