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Brad and Katie recap episodes of Siesta Key in this awesome podcast, The Brad & Katie Show


Single and Ready to Mingle ;)
2019 Mar 0545m 20s
Your favorite Floridian messes are back at it this week with more drama than we can keep track of! Brad and Katie breakdown episode three of Season two of Siesta Key where it's open season and everybody is trying to sleep with somebody. Yeah, that tracks about right!
Not the Hairdresser!!
2019 Mar 0530m 28s
All hell breaks loose in Siesta Key when Juliet and Amanda talk some smack about Chloe at her hairdresser's salon! Hear Brad and Katie's take on the second episode of season two and the juicy, surprise twist ending that no one saw coming. (We all saw it coming.)
Back to the Beach
2019 Feb 1130m 25s
Brad and Katie are back for a new season of Siesta Key. Join us as we break down the first episode of the second season of Siesta Key and these crazy Florida kids.
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