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A podcast taking you back on how it all began and how it affected the music industry. I will be covering albums, producers, concerts/festivals and artists through the years.

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Slipknot... The World of (Sic)ness. Pt. 1
2019 Oct 1218m 24s
Ready to listen about me repeating the words, "awesome," "so good!" and "love it!" a billion times? Well get ready for the world of chaos & masks, super stoked to talk about one of my favorite (& influential) metals bands to ever graced this Earth: SLIPKNOT!
Blink 182- 20th Anniversary of 'Enema of the State'
2019 Oct 0415m 48s
Happy 20th Anniversary to Blink-182's, "Enema of the State!" Grab that banana costume and get ready rock your ass off at Area 51, in this episode, I explore the album that got Blink-182 mainstream. This skate punk band introduced what past life experiences helped them (kinda) grow-up and their musicianship skills to the test in their third studio album. This album influenced loads of teenagers and young adults in the mid-90s to early 00s era, including myself... 😉
What Kind Of Music Are You Into Segment
2019 Sep 274m 46s
I went out what music people are into, if they even know who *N'Sync & Basckstreet Boys are, AND if they know the new Posty & The Prince of Darkness aka Ozzy Osbourne's new song....
The Troubled Years of Woodstock
2019 Sep 1719m 18s
The breakdown of the sad troubled years of Woodstock. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the music game changer of festivals and we didn’t get to celebrate about it. Listen to the red flags of the big three Woodstock anniversaries and how it failed. Be ready to go to the store to grab a poncho, bring an extra set of clothes, and get money from the ATM to afford $4 of water.... 😬
Episode 2: 37 years of Rick Rubin
2019 Sep 0510m 30s
How many artists had worked with the legendary music producer Rick Rubin?... No... seriously, I would like to know, I'm still going down the list. Get ready for some Rick Rubin 101 on this weeks episode!
Incubus: 20 Years of ‘Make Yourself’
2019 Aug 2914m 56s
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Incubus' 3rd studio album, 'Make Yourself.' Let's go back to 1999. Find your favorite pair of JNCO jeans with a matching wallet chain or a track suit to your liking along with those sweet ADIDAS kicks!
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