The quarancast, the thing no one asked for
  • Alex Mouser
6 episodes
This is the podcast of a bored as hell teen gamer who stumbled upon this app in a Spotify add, staring me and other people that are you or they homeless man... we don’t talk about him, but either way, this is a weekly thing that come every Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon depending if cousins are staying over or not, either way, enjoy


Episode 5- the final episode... or is it
2020 Jul 243m 53s
Thank you for listening and have a good rest of your quarantine
Episode 3- riots and me babbling about how an anime company doesn’t name episode
2020 Jun 098m 37s
People don’t read me, I have the usefulness of a lays potato chip bag, mostly air
Episode 2 - anime, the kung-flu and racism riots
2020 Jun 0212m 11s
At this point in time, we both know that I don’t keep notes of the week
Episode 1-boredom of a teenage idiot
2020 May 279m 44s
The title says all... hey look, a bird
The Quarancast- the podcast no one asked for
2020 May 198m 23s
Hello, I’m Alex, professional internet nerd, and first time podcaster, this is the pilot episode to see if people will like this or not
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