• Eduardo Rodriguez
10 episodes
Just a little bit about cell phones and some help for users. Un poco acerca de telefonos celulares y un poco de ayuda para los usuarios. Actualmente en Argentina - Actually in Argentina


Music Land
2007 Sep 299m 38s
Just relax and enjoy the music
EP #9 -A Cell Phone Strike - Huelga de Celulares-
2006 Jul 3132m 57s
My Podcast Page: http://pekerman777.podomatic.com
EP #7 Lets do a Demonstration-Hagamos una protesta
2006 May 1632m 44s
- Just a some good music and an important issue to start an electronic demonstration for the cellphone-user's rights!
EP #6 Review of the D600-Revision del D600
2006 Apr 031h 6s
- Reviewing the D600 and talking about some specific features and defects of the device.
EP #5 -3GSM in Barcelona and more about new cellphones-
2006 Feb 1753m 39s
- Reportando un poco de lo que se ha visto en la Feria 3GSM en Barcelona.
EP #4 Setting up The E-mail Application - Configurando la Aplicacion de E-mail
2006 Jan 2131m 1s
Hoy desde Madrid, con un poco de frío pero con el ánimo por las nubes...
EP #3 Setting for cell phones in Argentina - Configuraciones GPRS MMS E-mail
2006 Jan 0319m 57s
EP #3 Settings for cell phones in Argentina - Configuraciones GPRS, MMS, E-mail.
EP #2 -Cell Phones in Argentina- Some troubles with my cell
2005 Dec 1921m 49s
Dando a conocer un problema con los celulares en Argentina, la telefonia publica y la identificacion de llamada.
Cell Phones in Argentina
2005 Dec 075m 40s
Just a simple idea: Help cell phones user in order to have a 100% satisfactory of their mobile phones.
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