• Scott Fisher and Jacob Morris
9 episodes
Come hangout with us on The Talking Show every Wednesday! Scott's "suaveness" and Jake's chipper attitude combined with weekly guests make the show a whole lot of fun.


Episode Nine: April 7, 2010
2010 Apr 08
Second to last show of the season! We give out Talking Show Appreciation/Recognition Awards (TARAs) for the best moments so far. Also, as usual, we take part in some crazy antics! Good show, good show.
Episode Eight: March 27, 2010
2010 Apr 08
This week our good friend Kate along with her good friend Devon. We mess up the tech and talk about some funny stuff. Pretty, pretty good.
Episode Seven: March 17, 2010
2010 Mar 18
We're back in business! Good show this week with Megan in studio. We did almost an extra hour of talking to make up for the less than stellar performance last week. We discuss seizures, Zooey Deschanel smelling bad, and over-sexualized children.
Episode Six: March 10, 2010
2010 Mar 18
Not our best. Flying solo this week and we do some freestyle rap battles. We also make a six year old cry by telling him he's a loser. It's funny regardless. Think of this as a bonus show!
Episode Five: March 3, 2010
2010 Mar 05
Today we talk tattoos, pets, Tessa Virtue, poverty, puttin' up 21, and Jake does insane songs.
Episode Four: February 24, 2010
2010 Feb 26
This week we cover various topics relating to keys, private islands, Olympic hockey, bromances, Scott’s dead phone, Oscar nominated movies, and more.  Also, Ben Wood hangs out and The Folk (a band!) plays some music and talks about things!
Episode Three: February 10, 2010
2010 Feb 11
Kate's with us to join in on homances, roommates, car holes, "inspirational" movies, as well as take many calls from Jake's friends. Good as always!
Episode Two: February 3, 2010
2010 Feb 04
Our friend Sinead joins us this week to talk bros, bringing cookies to tattoo artists, Disney stars, the best TLC programming around, and have an interesting call-in with a listener. Enjoy!
Episode One: January 27, 2010
2010 Feb 04
This week we have Holly in studio as we discuss jay walking, fret over technical issues, Franklin, the male reproductive system, set Jake up with a bromance, and have Holly's mom call in. It's fun, trust us.
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