The Bold Notions
  • Tung Nguyen
20 episodes
A few friends coming together to have genuine conversations, hopefully to make each other and our listeners laugh! Maybe we can learn a few things on the way. Please rate us on iTunes and follow our Instagram @TheBoldNotions feel free to dm us any topics or ideas. Share us on your social media! Thank you and enjoy!


Between the Notions: Useless Super Powers
2021 Apr 1913m 19s
We discuss some useless powers.
Not Good Christians
2021 Apr 121h 12m 29s
We talked about Lil Nas X, Bhad Bhabie, Phoenix Jones, and shared stories.
Between the Notions: Would You Rather
2021 Apr 0213m 15s
We play would you rather.
The Breakfast Special Ed
2021 Mar 291h 14m 24s
We talked about our breakfast teir list, make bullying great again, and another game show.
Our First Sponsor
2021 Mar 221h 1m 27s
We talked about the social workers replacing cops, men curfew, Indian slap fight and asian granny fights back.
Sad Rich People
2021 Mar 151h 5m 10s
We talk about the space hotel, NFT, Harry and Megan, and the super straight movement.
Everything Is Cancelled
2021 Mar 081h 15m 22s
We talked about Mr. Potato Head, Dr.Seuss, Eminem, Texas mask mandate, and Morgan Wallen.
The Game Show Episode
2021 Mar 031h 5m 38s
We talked about bug fighting, Lady Gaga's dogs, Elisa Lam, Coca Cola, and we held a game show.
The Texas Ice Age
2021 Feb 221h 30s
We talked about Gina Carano, electric cars, and Texas.
The Heated Notions
2021 Feb 1755m 46s
We talk about Tom MacDonald and our rational and irrational fears.