Horrors O' Plenty
  • Jordan Kilgore and Phil Caldwell
4 episodes
Each episode will cover one of our off the wall 5-6 segment ideas. Each covering different questions of the unknown such as: Who would win a fight between a serial killer or a movie monster? Which technology will get us closer to doomsday? Comparing and dissecting the original children's folklore and more.


S1E4 - Monsters and Men on The Moon
2020 Feb 0353m 21s
**Notes contain affiliate links. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/GreatMoonHoax
S1E2 - Disney Vs Original, The Little Mermaid
2019 Dec 2531m 12s
Episode Notes
S1E1 - Freddy Krueger Vs Charles Manson
2019 Dec 2535m 30s
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S1E3 - Sesame Street Has A Problem
2019 Dec 2441m 17s
Episode Notes
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.