All We Know About Andrew W.K.
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An in-depth exploration of Andrew W.K.'s confounding catalogue.


Mother of Mankind
2021 Jan 211h 17m 59s
Eric, Celise, and Leather Daddy J (JP) finally hunker down to listen to Andrew's outtakes & b-sides record "Mother of Mankind," or MoM for short. We discuss all the highs, all the lows, and all the in-betweens.
My Tower Update
2021 Jan 191h 4m 10s
Guess what? My Tower never came out, and we have all the inside scoops (but mostly a lot of theorizing and hearsay). Brad Garrett drops by on an episode that some have called "an important piece of history." And I'll say it, this is possibly the most important thing that's happened in North America in the 21st Century--maybe ever.
Conspiracy Special
2021 Jan 151h 11m 31s
In this special conspiracy-themed episode/presentation of All We Know About Andrew W.K.: Eric, Celise, and very, very special guest Grant talk about various videos, interviews, and other various weirdness that is attached to Andrew's hollowed name. Attached is a YouTube playlist (if you choose to accept it) of some of the videos discussed in the episode. Mother of Mankind episode coming soon.
55 Cadillac
2020 Dec 151h 2m 3s
Eric, Celise, and returning guest JP discuss Andrew's experimental album of free piano improvisations "55 Cadillac" in depth and explore its various themes, moods, and, dare I say it, keys!
Close Calls With Brick Walls
2020 Nov 301h 24m 58s
Eric, Celise, and guest JP discuss Andrew W.K.'s wilder side with his 2006 album "Close Calls With Brick Walls," delving deep into its lyrics, orchestration, and themes. Andrew, if you're reading this, come on our pod, or at least leave us a voice message.
The Wolf
2020 Nov 211h 24m 22s
Eric, Celise, and special guest Danny discuss their differing opinions on the Andrew classic "The Wolf," and how much they like listening to the rules.
I Get Wet
2020 Nov 151h 24m 25s
Eric, Celise, and special guest Grant discuss the Andrew classic "I Get Wet," as well as share their personal experiences with Andrew W.K. and their interest in the mystique behind the man.
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