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Invisalign: The most discreet way of getting your teeth aligned.
2020 Oct 1810m 55s
Invisalign is trending now a days. It is the easiest way of getting your teeth aligned. You need not have to go through the pain of wearing braces anymore. You can have your favorite food. You can brush your teeth normally and while you do all these, no one would even get to know that you are undergoing Invisalign treatment. It is the most discreet way of getting the teeth aligned. So what if you have missed getting your teeth aligned during your younger days? You still can get it done. Contact us on 0821-2303848 for more details.
Tips for maintaining Kids' teeth.
2020 Oct 111m 8s
As parents, it is always a challenge to understand children's health issues. Dental health is no exception. Most of the parents are ignorant of their children's dental health. Here in this article, we try to explain a few tips for maintaining kids' dental health.
Bad Breath
2020 Sep 291m 7s
All that you need to know about Bad Breath
Gum Health
2020 Sep 011m 49s
Gum Health is often ignored. Worldwide more than 80% of the population suffer from some form of gum disease. Gum disease is the one which affects the supporting structures of the teeth. If gum diseases are not treated in time, the teeth would become weak, leading to mobility (shaking) of the teeth eventually resulting in loss of teeth. Not that all, the presence of gum disease can also affect one's general health. Studies have shown that gum diseases can aggravate diabetes mellitus, can influence cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy outcomes and many more diseases. So, it becomes important for one to identify the gum disease early and prevent it from affecting the overall health of an individual.
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