• Best Friends
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Best Friends Cabaret presents...Mash Film Club! Every week, best friends Alice and Livvy get together over a delicious meal and commentate on a mash-up of films. Warning: may contain biting insight and raucous cackling.


Episode 1 - When Harry Met Audrey
2020 Dec 031h 3m 34s
This week Best Friends Alice and Livvy guide you from Spooky Season into Sparkly season with a selection of favourite festive films - starting with Little Shop of Horrors and progressing naturally onto Nora Ephron's classic: When Harry Met Sally.
Pilot - Jesus Christ, Paddington
2020 Nov 1057m 16s
Every week best friends Alice and Livvy meet over a delicious meal to watch and review a mash-up of films. This week's eclectic selection matched Jesus Christ Superstar with Paddington 2.
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