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More Guitar Live Streams Coming Up
2021 Apr 0815m 21s
With us all still missing out on a bunch of things that make life fun, it's worth catching the awesome live music and guitar events that we can take in virtually.
What 'The Lost Tapes Of The 27 Club' Tells Us About Our Community
2021 Apr 0720m 15s
The project from organisation Over The Bridge opens up important conversations about the music industry and the music community as a whole.
More Fingerpicking And Guitar Technique Goodness
2021 Apr 0621m 11s
Following on from the last episode's dive into useful YouTube guitar series and changing up your technical's more of that!
Fingerpickin' Good
2021 Apr 0225m 47s
Changing a foundational element of your playing is a great way to feel refreshed and inspired on guitar – for Matt Sweeney, it altered his whole approach to the instrument.
I Enjoy And/Or Do Not Enjoy April Fools' Day
2021 Apr 0129m 26s
It's a pretty good annual reminder of how memeable we all are as a guitar community. But if you're looking for something that's not an April Fools today, try these (they are probably the actual links and not jokes, you can almost definitely trust me):
The Right Way To Make A T-Type Unique | Guitar Highlight – Ruokangas Mojo
2021 Mar 3135m 7s
It might sound odd, but perhaps the best way to approach something that you feel has been done too many times is to not want to approach it at all. That way, you'll beat your own path and create something all your own – that's what Juha Ruokangas has done with the Mojo model.
The Ultimate Custom Guitar Experience
2021 Mar 2926m
Moar Guitars' new "Luthier's Special" might just be the most custom shop guitar experience ever conceived.
Getting To Know The Work Of Ray Butts
2021 Mar 2852m 59s
It's been an incredible privilege to get to work on this project, and I hope it's worth checking out for anyone interested in guitars, music history and the people who make music sound the way it does.
Let's Talk About Sustainable Guitar Making
2021 Mar 2624m 44s
I already covered the release of Arielle's signature guitar on the podcast. But in a recent interview, she's revealed that it's become a chance for her to open up more conversations about sustainability in the guitar community – an awesome way to take the release of a new guitar and make it about something more.
Can Guitar Modding Save You Money?
2021 Mar 2326m 2s
Learning to mod and work on guitars comes with a ton of benefits, especially if you enjoy it as a hobby in itself – but can it save you money?