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I am a fairly new Podcaster, my YouTube content is incorporated into my podcast. I upload Monday Motivation Podcasts and YouTube video's Monday's beginning 11-16-2020. I'm currently reviewing Braxton Family Values. I discuss whatever is on my mind and heart, there's no rhyme or reason to my podcast, just my journey to find my niche, while growing and staying positive Support this podcast:


Braxton Family Values Review - Episode 3, Season 7 - #8
2020 Nov 3022m 36s
Thanks for listening to my Review for  Braxton Family Values Episode 3 Season 7
Monday Morning Motivation - #7
2020 Nov 1616m 53s
HAPPY MONDAY!!  Thanks for listening to my 1st Monday Morning Motivation Video. This video includes an awesome clip from world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown.
Braxton Family Values Review - Episode 2 Season 7 - #6
2020 Nov 1634m 37s
Thanks for listening to my Braxton Family Values Review for Episode 2 Season 7
Braxton Family Values Review - Episode 1 Season 7 - #5
2020 Nov 1630m 52s
Thanks for listening to my Braxton Family Values Review for Episode 1 Season 7
Mental Health Check-In - #4
2020 Nov 168m 56s
This video is a quick Mental Health Check-In to make sure everyone's doing okay. I point out certain signs and symptoms that may need attention, as well as giving useful information to help cope with anxiety and stress to know if you may need help. I sincerely do care. I want everyone to know I love them,  and not to give up if experiencing overwhelming feelings, stress or anxiety, you are not alone.
Nashville woman's remains found in her bed, years after her death - #3
2020 Oct 2810m 45s
Episode #3 - I converse about a Nashville woman who's remains were found in her bed after accounts of being dead anywhere from 2017 to 2018 while her children with developmental disabilities remained in the home. I also give commentary on this situation as well.
What exactly is this 22-Page ‘Contract with Black America’ Ice Cube is proposing? - #2
2020 Oct 2340m 42s
Episode #2 - I converse about the details the official summarized contract with Black America, and the thirteen points addressed in the full contract.  This podcast also includes a portion of an awesome interview of Ice Cube explaining why he feels this contract needs to be implemented, what brought this contract about and a few specific details in the contract in an awesome interview with Toni Conchino Radio.
HIV positive Nashville man knowingly spreads HIV to women in TN since 2003 - #1
2020 Oct 2123m 25s
Episode #1 - I converse about Nashville man Danny C Perry 41 convicted in September 2020 after knowingly spreading HIV to dozens of women in Tennessee since 2003.  Included in this episode is a news clip and very touching interview with one of his victims Marvelyn Brown who Perry infected with HIV in 2003 when she was only 19.
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