Life on the Fulcrum
  • Vineyard Church of Wellsboro
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This podcast is focused on living a Christian life within the Vineyard Church movement. We want to live in the "radical middle," living in tension at the fulcrum of a balance of being spiritually powerful, Biblically thoughtful, and culturally relevant. We will explore how to live that out.


Rewritten: Ashley Wilson and Cassie Osgood
2021 Apr 011h 5m 14s
We are back on the air! Today I have Ashley Wilson and Cassie Osgood, representing the local organization: Rewritten, which helps victims of human trafficking. I love the opportunity to highlight local organizations who are doing good work, and I hope to do this regularly!
Spring 2021 Connection Groups
2021 Feb 1423m 2s
This episode is a little different. We are starting up our new season of Connection Groups and this episode has each leader sharing a little bit about their group. If you are local, we invite you to join a group!
Episode 7: Dan Krise and our Resource Roundup
2021 Feb 031h 11m 24s
Today I have Dan Krise as my guest. Dan is a voracious reader and loves to explore new books, music, and other media. Dan and I are going to be talking about different resources that we have come upon recently that we have found helpful. I'm hoping this will provide helpful information for you as well as inspire you to try something new! I'm also hoping that we can make this "resource roundup" a regular segment, every 6-8 weeks or so.
Vineyard DNA series: with Jesse & Shelby Gotschal
2021 Jan 051h 17m 4s
We are nearing the end of our first podcast series! Today, Jesse and Shelby Gotschal share their story with us. Natives to this area who adventured across the country and back, their spiritual and geographical journeys are encouraging and inspiring.
Vineyard DNA series: with Jon and Carolyn Ruth
2020 Dec 2945m 47s
Today the host (Carolyn Ruth) and her husband Jon talk about their experiences within the Vineyard. They've been part of the local Vineyard Church of Wellsboro since 2005 and have grown into the community in this area.
VIneyard DNA series: with Zac and Lindsey Cuneo
2020 Dec 221h 2m 27s
The next installment of our Vineyard DNA series! In this episode we talk with Zac and Lindsey Cuneo about the foundations of the Vineyard movement as experienced through our church in rural Pennsylvania. Zac and Lindsey have grown their family over the last decade and a half in community with the Vineyard Church of Wellsboro.
Vineyard DNA series: with Kate and Jason Gehman
2020 Dec 161h 2m 42s
Continuing our series about the foundations of the Vineyard movement as experienced through our church in Rural Pennsylvania. Local business owners Jason and Kate Gehman have been part of our church for a long time, and lead in various ways.
Vineyard DNA series: with Brett and Lori Kennedy
2020 Dec 0858m 4s
The second in our series about the foundations of the Vineyard Movement as experienced through our church in rural Pennsylvania. Brett is the current senior pastor of the church, and it is so exciting to hear the story and the future dreams he and Lori have for our church and community.
Vineyard DNA series: with Bob and Deb Morris
2020 Nov 201h 13m 8s
We are launching our podcast with a series about the foundations of the Vineyard Church movement as experienced through our little church in rural Pennsylvania. Bob and Deb Morris founded our church about 17 years ago, and listening to our origin story was so delightful.
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