The Kinky Cougar
  • TL Morrighan
8 episodes
TL Morrighan, aka “The Kinky Cougar” talks about all things kinky. (18+ audience only)


Top seller mistakes & top spicy/weird items I sell on the internet that don’t require me being naked
2020 Dec 1043m 17s
In this episode, I dig deeper into common mistakes sellers make as well as the top items I sell on the internet that do not require me getting naked.
Tips to stay safe and anonymous online - my biggest tips and tricks
2020 Dec 0952m 24s
In today’s episode, I discuss tips and tricks to stay safe and anonymous online. Tips to avoid getting doxxed, setting up your Amazon Wishlist safely, scrubbing your IP address and Metadata, setting up payment processors, and more.
Fake Doms 101: why you need to understand BDSM power dynamics to be a better seller AND avoid scams
2020 Dec 0431m 43s
In this episode, I share the inner workings of BDSM dynamics with a couple of examples of my own. Becoming a content creator or seller means your inboxes will be flooded with a full spectrum of people coming at you with nuanced techniques. Some are there to scam you. Others are there to worship you. Here are some ways to learn how to tell the difference.
Sugar Baby 101: Sugar Daddy scams - what to look out for and what NOT to do.
2020 Dec 0150m 7s
In today’s episode, I go over the dynamics of successful ways to step into being a real Sugar Baby, with a special focus on common Sugar Daddy scams going around.
The hype and hysteria about me spreading my DNA, cloning, crime scene setups, and VooDoo fears
2020 Nov 2416m 5s
I received so much pushback about fear-based beliefs about my DNA getting in the hands of malicious people that I dedicate an entire episode to this topic.
Are you a good fit for selling spicy content or items on the internet? Here are things to consider!
2020 Nov 2425m 35s
Not everyone is cut out for this type of sex work. In this episode, I talk about whether you would be a good fit for this industry, mindsets you will need, and things no one seems to earn you about before jumping in.
Dipping your toes into the kink and fetish community - let’s do this thing 😈
2020 Nov 1831m 19s
In this episode, The Kinky Cougar introduces you to exploring and dipping your toes into the kink and fetish community. Even if you are a well-seasoned kinkster, TL shares resources you may not know about to get started with selling “weird” things in the internet.
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