Jeremie's Movie sountrack
  • Jeremie Berduck
6 episodes
Original Soundtrack lover, each episode is a journey into movies... Listen this show on Anchor : twitter: @jeremieberduck


Dunkirk and Shepard tone
2017 Jul 251m 44s
Dunkirk score by Hans Zimmer and what is a Shepard tone.
John Barry - 01
2017 Jul 061m 57s
On her majesty's secret service.
Angelo Badalamenti - 03
2017 Jul 051m 28s
Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with me
Angelo Badalamenti - 02
2017 Jul 041m 23s
Twin Peaks
Angelo Badalamenti - 01
2017 Jul 032m 8s
Blue Velvet
In the beginning...
2017 Jul 011m 3s
You're going to know what is Celluloid Radio...
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