• Gemma Plumb & Aisling Creevey
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Meet Gemma and Aisling. They have worked in the UK as meteorologists for over ten years. Gemma came up with the idea that maybe others might like to listen to the non stop conversations they still have all these years later about the weather. Over the years they have forecast for festivals, farming, road, rail, energy, media, aviation and even the humble ice cream demand forecast and so much more. They have gone through job changes, life changes and delved in and out of many hobbies and somehow the weather still weaves in and out of their lives. So this podcast is for anyone who would like to join our weather conversations and wherever the jet stream may take us! We hope you join us for our bi weekly chat and leave each episode loving the weather just that little bit more.


Tales of weather with BBC's Matt Taylor
2021 Mar 3155m 33s
Matt has probably appeared on your television at least once over the last twenty years bringing you the national weather from the BBC Weather Studio's. What you may not know about Matt is that away from the green screen he is one of the funniest people we have ever met. His journey into weather and onto the television screen was down to his friend's Mum showing him an ad in the newspaper. Matt's love of weather is infectious and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!
John Griffiths and a year in Antarctica.
2021 Mar 171h 5m 23s
Have you every wondered about the Antarctic? What do people do there? How do you actually get there?! John Griffiths spent a year working for the British Antarctic Survey as an expert in instrumentation and science. From 24 hours of darkness to the madness of 24 hours of light John takes us on a journey of what it was like to spend a year at the Halley Research Station. From wearing shorts in freezing temperatures to climbing ten metre poles in blizzards to fix instruments. Oh and he also drove a car across a dessert when he came home. Take a deep breath and enjoy this fantastic episode with some heart stopping moments and some truly unbelievable tales.
Prof Liz Bentley on International Women's Day
2021 Mar 0859m 20s
Prof Liz Bentley Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society joins us for a special episode to celebrate International Women's Day. Her passion for weather came at an early age. She grew up in the great Yorkshire climate where large thunderstorms and snow storms were a regular feature. Liz's career spans 30 years and she talks about the change she has seen as women now often lead the way in science. Her top tip in life is to do a job that makes your heart sing and you'll never be bored. We hope you enjoy this inspiring episode with this truly exceptional person. #ChooseToChallenge @RMetS
Meet Rebecca Yussuf. Florist and forecaster.
2021 Mar 031h 16m 19s
We had such a wonderful hour speaking to wedding florist Rebecca Yussuf from Lilac and Lace Floral Design. It just so happens Rebecca is also an experienced meteorologist, something that has come in handy more than once during the many outdoor ceremonies she has catered for! Her drive and passion for the environment and her business is infectious and we have never learned so much about the challenges of growing one single flower. She says her greatest privilege is the pride and honour she feels knowing her flowers will live on forever in the beautiful images captured on so many happy days.
Meet Owain Wyn Evans. The drumming weather man.
2021 Feb 171h 16m 15s
Gemma and Aisling take a flamboyant walk down memory lane with Owain Wyn Evans. Owain reminiscences about growing up in the Welsh Valleys where he fell in love with music, the drums and playing in working men's clubs. He has become a national weather sensation on TV and is much loved by his absolutely huge social media audience. If you haven’t seen his viral video as he drums along to the BBC theme tune after a weather forecast it is a must see. This episode is simply fabulous dahlings.
An episode with some weather musings and memories of marathons.
2021 Feb 1054m 36s
What to wear can be a constant source of unconscious decision making. If like Aisling you feel the cold even in the summer, you will understand the many micro decisions that are made about how to stay comfortable through the day. Or perhaps you overheat no matter the temperature. What shoes to wear? What boots? Will I need an umbrella? Hopefully you will enjoy this episode as Aisling and Gemma ponder the connection between the elements and clothing and memories of running a marathon.
Meet Chris. He works in insurance forecasting
2021 Feb 0254m 20s
Chris works in insurance forecasting. He explains what happens behind the scenes when a weather event causes damage to homes and business. He delves into the complexities of deciding which of the many weather models to use on any one day and discusses some of the difficulties in programming. As a parting thought he reminds Aisling how he once hoovered her clothes.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on weather forecasting.
2021 Jan 2031m 24s
It’s been a challenging year all around the world and a time in history humanity will never forget.Aisling and Gemma normal enjoy quite a lot of giggles recording these podcasts but there is no denying this has a little bit more of a serious tone.In this episode we look at the facts of the impact of COVID-19 on weather forecasting.Sending our love and goodwill to the podcast universe. This too shall pass.This episode was recorded in November 2020.
Brian works outdoors in the changeable Irish climate.
2021 Jan 0445m 39s
Brian works outside. He works in the wonderful outdoors of Ireland which experiences a maritime climate that is four seasons in one day. His main job is fitting windscreens but he does a whole lot more including track days in the south of Spain plus has the best tips on cars and cold weather. Warm water with plastic bag at the ready!Also, for those of you wondering, Gemma's windscreen was in fact not heated screen!This episode was recorded in December 2020 and contains some strong language.
Meet Alexi. She’s a Marine Forecaster.
2020 Dec 2335m 20s
Meet Alexi. She is a marine forecaster. She spent time in Japan and hates shift work as much as we do. She also makes the best chicken pie and would choose tea over coffee.