Alignment - Create Your Reality
  • Sev Tok
6 episodes
Did you know everything you want is already sitting right in front of you? You don't have to attract anything. It is about The Law of Alignment. I am Sev, a Soul Purpose Coach. I conduct Soul Purpose Readings and I speak and write about finding peace through conscious creation. You can create your reality. It is all about your energy. Thank you for your interest. Evolve through love, Sev.


Stop Asking The Universe!
2018 Feb 068m 22s
Have you ever wanted something and asked the Universe for it? Find out why NOT to do that!
Episode 5: How To Use Your Third Eye
2017 Jun 1634m 39s
Want to see auras? Want to engage in astral travel, remote viewing, ESP, clairvoyance? Wish to visit past lives and see your potential futures?  Maybe you want to understand your friends and family better.How about having meaningful conversations with your pets? Learn how to travel through your Third Eye.
Episode 4: How To Increase Your Vibe & Maintain It
2017 Jun 1222m 6s
We are naturally drawn toward high frequencies because we are, innately, a high frequency ourselves. As an Earth Human, our high vibe gets squashed. So, how do you increase your vibration and maintain it at high levels so you can align with other high frequencies? And why would you want to? This episode is created from a question a listener asks. If you have a question, please send it to me at and I will answer it in an episode.
Episode 3: Are You Worth It?
2017 Jun 0720m 52s
You can look at that vision board a million times, but if you don't think you are worthy, you will not get it. And if you do, you will lose it. Self-worth is in the mind. It determines manifestation. Learn how to bring your self worth back. You were born with lots of it.
Episode 2: Want A Change? Then Don't Resist The Morph!
2017 Jun 0721m 21s
Want a change in your life? Then don't resist the Morph Void. This is a space where you are no longer the old you, and the new you hasn't emerged. It is that space where you are confused about who you are. You think you screwed up; but, you haven't. You are morphing into the new you. It is a difficult place to be. Successful people morph often. Hang tight. The caterpillar goes through a weird, unrecognizable phase before it steps into its full glory, too.
Episode 1: The Law of Alignment
2017 Jun 0715m 18s
You have already attracted everything! You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, but it is time to tweak that into the Law of Alignment. Sev, a Soul Purpose Coach, speaker and writer about finding personal peace through conscious creation, guides you to maximize your potential through the process of alignment.
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