• Rebekah Clark
16 episodes
Sharing Tales is a new podcast creating space for people to share their own real life stories. Empowering for those who tell, and those who take time to listen.


14. S2 Ep 7: Nicolas Croix - Childhood Trauma, Challenging Yourself to Succeed, & Choosing Change
2021 Apr 0540m 17s
Nicolas Croix is a Parisien, born and bred.  Now based in North London with his young family, he is the founder and CEO of Moonworkers, a next generation HR platform which launched in the UK last year.  In his previous career, Nicolas was a producer and production manager in the French entertainment industry, working across branded content, documentaries, live shows, and commercials.  During this time, he produced more than 20 prime-time TV shows, whilst producing footage from leading stage musical productions including Cabaret, the Lion King, and Mamma Mia.
13. S2 Ep 6: Tracey Chalk - Taking Positives from Pain, Pursuing Passions, & Playful Projects with Impact
2021 Mar 2943m 4s
Tracey Chalk, aka The British Mother, describes herself as a wanderlust soul.  A creative, wife, educator, mother to three children, and now a conscious entrepreneur, she brings all of herself to the different roles she plays in life.
12. S2 Ep 5: Louisa Rasmussen - Hygge, Healing, and How to Breathe
2021 Mar 2241m 41s
Louisa is the founder of Breathe, Balance, Be, a wellbeing practice and community based in the UK. A qualified Yoga Nidra teacher, a Breath-Body-Mind ™ teacher, and a professional hypnotherapist, her passion is in supporting others to breathe better, and feel better.
11. S2 Ep 4: Henry Hall - Alabama, Awakening, & Amor Fati
2021 Mar 1541m 44s
Henry Hall started his life in the foothills of the Appalachia mountains in Alabama, USA.  Growing up as a ‘regular farmboy’, the course of his life altered when he left home to go to university, and later went on to complete his studies at Harvard Law School.  Whilst at the latter, his contemporaries included leading US figures, not least the future President Obama. Henry’s world opened up during his time studying in Cambridge, Mass. and led him to work in emerging markets following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
10. S2 Ep3: Rhian Pownceby - Beauty in Design, Bold Resilience, & Pursuing the Work/Life Blend
2021 Mar 0848m 59s
Rhian is style personified so it is no surprise that she has dedicated her career to the creative industry.  She describes herself as a multi-creative, and her work has taken her to the four corners of the globe working with leading luxury brands, including Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, and Anya Hindmarch.  In this episode we talk about Rhian’s creative pursuits; the devastating and unexpected loss of her father; the beginnings of her motherhood journey and some of the challenges of this role which aren’t discussed enough; and reflections on the lessons that life has thrown her way.
9. S2 Ep2: Giselle La Pompe-Moore - Mysticism, Manifesting & Making Major Moves
2021 Mar 0145m 32s
Giselle is a magical human being. A London-based spiritual guide, teacher, and writer, her mission is to share how we can each create and curate a spiritual practice, so we can handle whatever life throws at us. With a modern approach to mysticism, Giselle helps all kinds of people, from all over the world. She has a quiet presence full of wisdom and grace. Our conversation explores the impact of early childhood trauma; the power of manifesting and the difference between getting what you want, and what you need; appreciating the lesson of ‘wherever you go, there you’ll be’; and the courage to take the leap to create a life that is authentically yours.
8. S2 Ep1: Jason Mirch - Disney, Desert Safaris & Dates with Destiny
2021 Feb 2257m 30s
Sharing Tales returns for a new series and we continue to explore the themes of change and transformation.  What also connects each of these new episodes are experiences of tremendous loss.
S1 Episode 7: Robyn Canary - Bringing your A-game, being your authentic self, and believing in your intuition
2020 Dec 2844m 45s
Robyn is an entrepreneur and media exec who has worked in culture and communications over the past 15 years.  Her career has seen her deliver campaigns and programmes for some of the UK’s most well-known brands and businesses, and earlier this year she co-founded a leading online platform which helps designers find work opportunities in the creative industry.
S1 Episode 6: Bree Verity - Cosmopolitan living, cherishing curiosity, and crossing paths with destiny
2020 Dec 2147m 36s
Bree Verity is a Queen of Storytelling!  Inquisitive by nature, she attracts people and stories, and has recently applied these talents to her new business Arc Storytelling, which she launched last year.
S1 Episode 5: Katy Walton - Multiple twins, marriage, and magical living
2020 Dec 1449m 36s
Katy Walton is a mother, wife, author, and professional storyteller.  Bright, funny and warm, she is somebody you could sit and spend hours chatting away with and still have much more to discuss.  During this episode we talk about motherhood, marriage and love; the importance of connection, community, and compassion; and how perhaps what society needs now more than ever is what Katy calls a ‘tribal revival’.