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From the center of the cosmos... we are the R&R podcast. We're your hosts Rett and Ricky. Discussing everything paranormal, everything extraterrestrial and answering life's biggest questions. Let’s get spooked, let’s get abducted!


Deception - Guest Spot Amber Starkey
2021 Jan 1247m 11s
In the episode we tackle conspiracy theories. We dive deep into why so many people believe some of these and share our favorites. Also we got a sweet update this week and are definitely excited for 2021
Starting off the new year right!
2021 Jan 051h 12m 46s
In this weeks episode we talk briefly about the last week as updates are already coming out. We also recap 2020 and all the amazing technological advancements that have been made.
Rett and Ricky - Tales From The Crypt
2020 Dec 221h 35m 9s
its Christmas next week! We know all of you are most likely busy shopping. With that being said, this week we thought it'd be fun to take it easy and share some of our own stories and experiences with paranormal and extra terrestrial events. We have missed all of you, but we think we have come back strong. This weeks episode is a banger. We thank you for all the support. Lets get spooked lets get abducted!
Aliens in the desert - Bob Lazar
2020 Nov 241h 7m 37s
In this weeks episode we talk about the infamous Bob Lazar. From los Alamos to Area 51. It is one of the most bizarre and interesting stories surrounding flying saucers.
Taken in the night- The Barney and Betty Hill abductions
2020 Nov 181h 5m 9s
In this weeks episode we discuss the infamous Barney and Betty Hill abductions. The start to the ufo craze and quite possibly the first ever drawing of an alien/spaceship.
We are live!
2020 Nov 111h 6m 11s
Welcome to the R&R podcast: Episode 1. In this episode we discuss our favorite horror and sci-fi movies. Lets get spooked! Lets get abducted!
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