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Host Adam Britton talks to the best in the biz about building a brand, the latest tech innovations, and how great marketing can help you stand out from the crowd.


#7 Chris Roselli on Data for Good
2021 Feb 0921m 31s
This week, Adam speaks to Chris about the future of data, and how personal data can be utilised for good ... and for evil. Check out the full episode!
#6 - Juan Hiriart & Nathan Broadbent on Gamification
2021 Jan 1529m 20s
Juan and Nate chat to Adam about how to build great games in this week's episode of Pop the Trunk.
#5.5 - Jack Sharples on Prioritising Health in Lockdown
2021 Jan 0715m 9s
A special episode this week! Adam and Jack sit down this week to discuss how to boost productivity and improve staff morale (even at home) in this latest episode. Featuring tips and advice for leaders and employees alike, this episode focuses on how health and wellness can seriously impact your business' future.
#5 - John Greaves on Video as a Strategy
2020 Dec 1718m 27s
Brand specialist John Greaves is our guest this week, discussing how video marketing can take your strategy to the next level.
#4 - Adam Woollard on Building a Personal Brand
2020 Dec 1036m 44s
This time around, Adam talks to Adam Woollard, a freelance writer, performer and rapper who knows a thing or two about building a personal brand!
#3 - Emily Grafton on Christmas in the On-Trade
2020 Dec 0320m 47s
This week, Emily Grafton, Customer Marketing Manager for Carlsberg, joins Chris James and Nathan Broadbent to chat about a very different Christmas, and how the on-trade industry can approach it this year.
#2 - Lee Price on Mischievous Marketing
2020 Nov 2517m 4s
This week on Pop the Trunk, host Adam interviews Lee Price, Head of PR and Mischief at Paddy Power on his favourite campaigns, how to know when you’ve crossed the line, and creating fame for your brand using mischief.
#1 - Steve Bland & Tom Fordyce on How Not to Podcast
2020 Nov 1124m 30s
In the very first episode of Pop the Trunk, we interview Steve Bland and Tom Fordyce – two podcast superstars with some tips for newbies.
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