• Faizal Samad 2k20
2 episodes
We're doing film reviews as well as ghost stories.


Lockdown message: (This was for my assignment)
2020 Nov 081m 23s
Hey slashers! I'm sorry for the inactivity but lockdown has been very harsh on us. But never fear because I'm back! And this is a voice over of what got me through lockdown, this was an assignment set by my course leader where I had to describe what got me through lockdown and so, what better to do than to use the one thing I'm confident with? MY VOICE. Enjoy... đŸ˜ˆ
SlashNCast Teaser!
2020 May 071m 4s
Hey guys! This is like, the first time I've messed around with this app and the functions of it all and I actually like it! This is a teaser for what's to come as I'll be releasing podcast episodes every now and then, covering on horror stories and films as well as reviews on movies and even such, theories on those horror topics.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.