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LIVE with Just Be A Dad Podcast
2021 Apr 081h 41m 19s
LIVE with T.J. and Nate from Just Be A Dad Podcast!
LIVE with Kat Walters of I-100 and 96.7 The Vine
2021 Mar 292h 51m 6s
Kat Walters is Program Director and Brand Manager of Iconic Rock I-100 and 96.7 The Vine. We had a blast talking about her background, some This-or-That, and finishing with Rock N' Roll Trivia. Enjoy!
Joel Douglas Clelland of Project Boon
2021 Mar 261h 9m 4s
Joel Clelland is an Associate at the World Financial Group, Chairman and CEO at Centric, and Board Chair at Project Boon. Project Boon is a charity organization which operates events that bring together those in need, those willing to help, and the resources that make a difference. Joel and I discuss Project Boon, cryptocurrency, and a little bit of politics as well. Enjoy!
Random Trivia Night!
2021 Mar 0958m 9s
Random Trivia Night with some awesome people!
LIVE with the guys from Strikeout Beer!
2021 Feb 082h 50m 58s
Allen and Rapid Dave of Strikeout Beer join me LIVE to discuss their show, preview Super Bowl 55, and play some fun games! You can find the video on Facebook @DressCasualDB.
The Longest Podcast on Record! (unconfirmed)
2021 Feb 084h 11m 27s
My buddies Dave and Brad join me LIVE to discuss the NFL Conference Championships! Later in the episode we are joined by a surprise guest and end up doing the longest podcast on record (unconfirmed). You can find the video on Facebook @DressCasualDB.
Reena Friedman Watts of Better Call Daddy
2021 Feb 041h 2m 16s
Reena Friedman Watts is the host of the Better Call Daddy podcast. Her show is unique in that she interviews a wide range of guests and afterwards she calls her father to give his analysis of the conversation. Reena has had guests that include a dominatrix, a Jeffrey Epstein survivor, and the Chiodo brothers. Reena has worked for television programs such as the Jerry Springer Show and landed a job working for the Chiodo brothers when she first moved to L.A.; they have been involved with films including Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Team America: World Police, and Elf! Reena was a fantastic guest and we touched on many topics including episodes of her show, parenthood, and working in the entertainment industry. Enjoy!
Austin Boyer of the Wrestling World podcast
2021 Jan 271h 12m
Austin Boyer is the host of the Wrestling World podcast. He does a weekly review of all things happening in pro wrestling from WWE to AEW and TNA. Most of the episodes are solo but he has interviewed two former pro wrestlers looking to make a comeback and also had one of his buddies on for a more nostalgic type of show. We had a great time discussing the current state of wrestling through the pandemic, the good old days of the Attitude Era, and some of his favorite wrestling movies. However, we didn't get to some other things like DX, NWO, and the Montreal Screw job so I'm looking forward to having him back for another episode. You can find Wrestling World on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever else you get podcasts. Enjoy!
Daryl Lin of Daryl Studios Live Sessions/Time Out with Daryl
2021 Jan 131h 6m 58s
Daryl Lin hosts a livestream entitled, "Daryl Studios Live Sessions" as well as the podcast, "Time Out with Daryl." I was first introduced to him through his livestream and was instantly drawn to his passion for singing. Once I discovered that he also has a podcast I knew I had to reach out to him. We talked about why he started his livestream, the process of building his podcast, and he even performed a couple songs for me as well. Daryl is an excellent example of chasing your dreams no matter what anyone tells you and I am delighted to have made a new friend in him!
Kurt Mueller of the Financial & Leadership Intelligence with Purpose podcast
2021 Jan 0849m 13s
Kurt Mueller is a Certified Financial Planner at Apollon Wealth Management LLC and host of the Financial & Leadership Intelligence with Purpose podcast. The focus of his podcast is not only on finance but also self-improvement and building leadership skills, and he has had numerous guests from entrepreneurs to life coaches. We touched on a number of topics including the inception of his podcast, ramifications of the current Georgia Senate run-offs, student loan debt forgiveness, and an article from the World Economic Forum entitled, "Here's how life could change in my city by the year 2030." You can find the FLIP podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you get podcasts. Please like, subscribe, and give a review!