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April 9, 2021 - Rev. Tyler Ho-Yin Sit; Coal Round Table w/ Corb Lund, Katie Morrison, and David Luff
2021 Apr 091h 50m 25s
How does a "social justice church" differ from other houses of worship? Shouldn't social justice be the driving force behind any religious community? Rev. Tyler Ho-Yin Sit's New City Church in Minneapolis has been featured in the New York Times and The Atlantic. He joins Ryan to discuss the intersection of Christianity and politics, Derek Chauvin standing trial for murdering George Floyd, and recent racism-fuelled violence targeting people of Asian descent. Singer/songwriter Corb Lund, biologist Katie Morrison, and consultant David Luff check back in to update Albertans on the coal file in this week's Real Talk Round Table. And, of course, it's Friday, so brace yourselves for an extra-spicy edition of Trash Talk presented by Local Waste!
April 8, 2021 - Dr. James Talbot; Yom HaShoah w/ Stacey Leavitt-Wright, Colin Muscat & Marnie Bondar
2021 Apr 081h 48m 40s
Through this pandemic, Canadians have become more familiar with their Chief Medical Officers of Health than ever before. How well do we understand their mandate? Where does their authority begin and end? What happens if elected officials ignore evidence-based advice? Former Alberta CMoH Dr. James Talbot pulls back the curtain, and evaluates the performance of Alberta's current CMoH Dr. Deena Hinshaw. Dr. Talbot also shares a couple stories of his own experience, including the move that ultimately led to his dismissal. Today is Yom HaShoah, otherwise known as Holocaust Remembrance Day. Stacey Leavitt-Wright, Dr. Colin Muscat, and Marnie Bondar gather for a powerful conversation about this horrific time in human history, and instances of anti-Semitism we see flaring up today.
April 7, 2021 - Dr. Kashif Pirzada, Mayor Kevin Zahara, blogger Susan Wright, Prof. Eric Strikwerda
2021 Apr 072h 21m 56s
With a third wave of the pandemic (and another lockdown) upon us, how do we ensure this is the last time it happens? Toronto ER Dr. Kashif Pirzada lays out what it'll take to eliminate COVID-19 completely. As Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health faces fire for withholding details relating to a "concerning outbreak," Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara explains why information sharing is so important. Susan Wright, the lawyer and blogger behind Susan on the Soapbox, makes her Real Talk debut to discuss her recent column on "cruel" UCP policies, resistance, and hope. Athabasca University history professor Dr. Eric Strikwerda argues Alberta's draft curriculum will make the province the "laughing stock" of Canada, and points out some glaring examples of inaccuracies and omissions. Plus, it's our first show of the week, so we focus on some good news stories with "Positive Reflections" presented by Kuby Energy!
Trash Talk -April 2, 2021
2021 Apr 036m 6s
Ryan rolls out the best rants of the week, as submitted to talk@ryanjespersen.com. Buckle up for another edition of Trash Talk, presented by Local Waste.
April 2, 2021 - Scaachi Koul, Three Minute Thesis Winners' Round Table, MLA Rakhi Pancholi
2021 Apr 022h 14m 54s
Not every Real Talk guest can segue effortlessly between Ramona Quimby, QAnon, and history's greatest TV shows...but Scaachi Koul can. The senior culture writer for Buzzfeed News joins from NYC, kicking off Friday's show. Research and innovation at the University of Alberta is on display, as we feature the winners from the annual "Three Minute Thesis (3MT)" competition. Real Talk about affordable child care continues with MLA Rakhi Pancholi, who lays out what an NDP government would do on the file. Plus, it's Friday, so buckle up for an especially-rowdy edition of Trash Talk presented by Local Waste!
April 1, 2021 - Brad West, Drs. Lynora Saxinger & Gosia Gasperowicz, Dr. Sean Tucker, Audrey Poitras
2021 Apr 011h 58m 30s
April 1st means most of Alberta's $25/day child care subsidies are done. Glengarry Child Care executive director Brad West explains what that means for the families at his facility, his staff, and his business. With Alberta headed toward a "third wave" of variant-heavy cases of COVID-19, Dr. Lynora Saxinger and Dr. Gosia Gasperowicz guide us through the stats, trends, and headlines we need to understand. Why is University of Regina professor Sean Tucker calling for a public inquiry into the Alberta government's handling of COVID-19 outbreaks at meat packing plants? Dr. Tucker takes us into the 600+ pages of documents he reviewed through his lens as a occupational health and safety expert. The Metis Nation of Alberta is calling for the government to re-do its draft K-6 curriculum. President Audrey Poitras explains why she calls it "another example of Alberta's continued colonial practice over Metis peoples."
March 31, 2021 - Chris Clearfield, Dr. Lorian Hardcastle, Children First Canada's Sara Austin
2021 Mar 312h 2m 40s
How do we thrive in a complex world, with disaster all around us? "Meltdown" author Chris Clearfield lays it out for leaders and everyday folks. Alberta's doctors vote "no" to a negotiated deal with the government - what does it mean? Health law/policy expert Dr. Lorian Hardcastle checks in from the University of Calgary. What are the short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on children, and how do we need to respond? Children First Canada CEO Sara Austin joins for a powerful conversation. Plus, a ton of your emails about Alberta's draft curriculum for K-6 Social Studies. Real Talkers are riled up!
March 30, 2021 - Drs. Carla Peck & Dwayne Donald; Amarjeet Sohi, Barry Morishita, & Jenelle Saskiw
2021 Mar 301h 55m 44s
Why are so many people - both parents and educators - so upset with Alberta's Draft Social Studies K-6 Curriculum? Dr. Carla Peck and Dr. Dwayne Donald explain where they believe the new roadmap falls short, and why it "sets Alberta Social Studies back decades". What does "anti-racism" advocacy actually look like, and how can people be leaders on this front in their own communities? Amarjeet Sohi, Brooks Mayor Barry Morishita, and Jenelle Saskiw discuss a recent "life-changing" course at MacEwan University, and dig into important equity issues facing Canadians today.
March 29, 2021 - Min. Jonathan Wilkinson; Dr. Andrew Leach; Supriya Dwivedi re: SCoC, CarbonTax, CPC
2021 Mar 292h 1m 44s
We're back at it after a week away! Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, joins to discuss the Supreme Court of Canada's recent ruling against Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario's challenge of the federal Carbon Tax. Economist Dr. Andrew Leach, one of the architects of former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's climate plan, explains why he supports the provinces' challenge of Justin Trudeau's levy. Lawyer, researcher, and pundit Supriya Dwivedi gives her take on the SCoC's ruling, Conservative Party of Canada members saying "no" to bolstering party policy re: climate change, vaccine roll-out across the country, and Canadaland's recent report on Brian Lilley and Ivana Yelich. Plus, it's Monday, so Ryan rolls out a unique edition of Positive Reflections presented by Kuby Energy!
Trash Talk - March 19, 2021
2021 Mar 205m 35s
Ryan rolls out the best rants of the week, as submitted to talk@ryanjespersen.com. Buckle up for another edition of Trash Talk, presented by Local Waste.