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Stories and truth-telling with Kaurs. Candid, unscripted, and thematic conversations to unpack hidden truths, find inner wisdom, and deepen faith/spirituality. A safe space designed to have purposeful, all welcoming faith led conversations about being a Sikh woman through a myriad of lenses. Specifically, faith/spirituality, culture, the brown body experience, and relationships. We’re here to uplift and empower any and all.


Young & Independent - Finding My Strength in Sikhi
2021 Apr 0618m
Three young Kaurs look towards Sikhi to find solutions to their challenges. They voice their own perspectives on Guru Nanak’s belief in gender equality and its practice in today’s time. They are using their power to speak for themselves and the...
Young & Independent - Giving Voice to My Kaur Identity
2021 Mar 2616m 43s
Three Kaur students share their personal struggles while dealing with restrictions they face as females in a South Asian household. Despite these challenges, they are striving to strengthen their Kaur voice and learning to identify themselves within and...
Why Does Social Media Judge My Body?
2020 Dec 0425m 23s
Through the lens of four Sikh women, Kaur Collective tries to understand the negative influence of social media on women’s bodies. Positive conversations around self-image are slowly taking place and Kaurs are breaking down body image notions one step...
Am I Ashamed Of My Body?
2020 Nov 2526m 48s
There is so much shame associated with female bodies that women often end up hating their own bodies. We see this shame through the eyes of four Kaurs who are leaning towards Sikhi to strengthen their minds and bodies and rise above the negativity.
My Body My Space
2020 Nov 0931m 52s
Four Kaurs come together to speak in depth about their personal stories connected to body image. Through their experiences, we see how our culture negatively forces you to be unhappy with your own body weight or growth. Meet the four women, Devinder...
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