• Sarah-Jayne Gratton and Dean Anthony Gratton
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An innovation show hosted by tech power couple Sarah-Jayne and Dean Anthony Gratton, also known as @grattonboy and @grattongirl on Twitter. Each unmissable episode looks at what's coming next in technology and features lively discussion and inspirational interviews.


A personal loss and an energetic thank you
2021 Apr 0120m 16s
It's been a while and, like so many, it's been an especially difficult time, as we've experienced the loss of a loved one.  This week we want to thank you for all your messages of love and support - they mean so much and have  kept us going.We're back...
You're your own brand!
2021 Feb 1539m 16s
This week we're joined by 'Mr Influence' himself, Gordon Glenister, to discuss the evolution of influencer marketing and its impact on business.  We'll be exploring the effects of Covid on Trade Association membership, ecommerce growth, the rise of...
Are you sure you want to touch that?
2021 Jan 2516m 39s
In this episode we take a look at the rise of touchless technology and how it is helping to keep us all safe and well.  From virtual touchscreens to UV robots, we explore the innovations we can expect to see in 2021 along with those that we already know...
2021: Here we go again!
2021 Jan 1119m 55s
From 5G to  a new world of working.  Plus,  how our essential supply chains are being affected by Brexit.  In this, the first episode of 2021, Dean and Sarah-Jayne Gratton take a look at what we can expect to see happening  this year in terms of...
From AI companionship to conversations with chihuahuas
2020 Dec 0618m 54s
In this episode we discuss how technology is being used to provide companionship for the lonely (especially relevant this year) and look at how Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) like Alexa are fulfilling a need for company in the absence of friends...
Future proofing your business in the Cloud
2020 Nov 2931m 23s
Cloud technology has become a saviour for many businesses in 2020, affording new opportunities for growth and connectivity - even during the most challenging of circumstances.  In this insightful episode we speak to Cloud expert, Ian Moyse, about the...
Designing security into our devices with PSA Certified
2020 Nov 2242m 39s
In this episode, sponsored by PSA Certified, we talk with David Maidment, Director of Secure Devices Ecosystem within the Architecture & Technology Group at Arm, about the evolution of our digitally transformed world and how increasingly important...
From first world problems to technology for good
2020 Nov 1521m 6s
In this episode, we take a look at smart home technology and discuss what's needed and what's not, whilst considering what we now take for granted.  We look at the ways technology, including AI and IoT, can assist us and play a valuable role in the...
So, where's the human in my supply chain?
2020 Nov 0634m 13s
In this episode we talk to procurement expert, Helen Mackenzie, about the supply chain challenges currently faced by all industries and explore the ways in which technology is helping to overcome these.
Before we go any further...
2020 Nov 0116m 23s
We're so excited to launch our first episode and thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit more about the show.If you like innovation and want to know what's coming next in the world of technology then this is the show...
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