• Teddy Lomas
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A wellbeing podcast with the main goal of helping others to become happier and healthier versions of themselves. Hosted by Teddy Lomas


Chasity Snowden - Ep 10
2021 Feb 271h 3m 57s
@chasity.fla.movement // https://flamovement.com
Look After The Pie - 'Seb & Ted' #1
2020 Dec 1832m 27s
The first episode of a new segment on the podcast - 'Seb & Ted'. We discuss; balancing all aspects of our life and not living in extremes, how personal definitions of 'success' and 'happiness' can change throughout life, reverse engineering BIG GOALS, and finding time every day to be present.
Stress Management, Nutrition Basics & Purposeful Careers w/ TRAVIS ZIPPER
2020 Nov 2658m 52s
'The Middle Ground Between Macros & Medical Care'.Travis Zipper is a Nutrition Coach, A Coach to Nutrition Coaches, A Certification Instructor (Nutritional Coaching Institute) & an individual who leads with passion and the desire to improve daily.As a nutrition coach, Travis' clients are usually the 'tricky ones' that very few coaches have the tools and education to help.He is a wealth of knowledge in the field of Nutrition & Human Wellness.Travis is also a former Physique Competitor, CrossFit Games Regional Athlete & College Athlete.
Ep 6: INTENTION (Fulfilled people do hard things)
2020 Nov 236m 32s
Being INTENTIONAL with the most important things in your Life/Wellness routine.References:*Apple Music YouTube - Zane LoweMy Instagram: @teddylomas
Training for Life, HUGE Weight Loss Journey & The Power Of Saying 'No' w/ SEBASTIAN SANDER
2020 Nov 151h 48m 47s
Sebastian (Seb) Sander is a Strength & Conditioning/CrossFit Coach & Business Owner. He is a good friend of mine, and someone I truly respect. In this episode we discuss topics relating to Fitness/Training & Personal Development/Mental Health.I truly believe this conversation has the ability to help a lot of people in different areas of their 'Wellness'. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.Contact Seb: IG - @S_SANDERContact Me:IG - @TEDDYLOMASEmail: TLNUTRITION&WELLNESS@GMAIL>COM
Ep4: 5 Ways To LEVEL UP This Month
2020 Nov 1027m 26s
5 ways (Creation, Fitness, Connection, Education & Acceptance) to move yourself forward this next 4 weeks. This episode was initially planned to be 'Lockdown' specific. Upon reflection, I decided that the factors discussed are applicable to everyone - regardless of whether you are in lockdown or not. Enjoy the episode.
Ep3: Controlling the Size of Your World - Social Media
2020 Nov 0612m 24s
Today I share a personal practice, that has allowed me to build a healthier relationship with Social Media and take full control of my mornings.The 2 Netflix recommendations I conclude the episode with:1) 'The Social Dilemma'2) 'The Peanut Butter Falcon'
Ep2: I got Coronavirus
2020 Nov 0413m 46s
This episode was not planned. I felt that it wouldn't do any harm to share my experience of coronavirus - symptoms etc. as well as talk about the 2nd lockdown here in the UK.
Ep1: 'Imperfect Action' & Building a Relationship with Fear
2020 Oct 3013m 46s
On the first episode of 'The Teddy Lomas Podcast' -I break down the format of the podcast,-talk about WHY I wanted to start this podcast,-and discuss today's Wellness piece: 'Imperfect Action' & how to build a healthier and more understanding relationship with FEAR.
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