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Join the team from BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine as we share lively conversation about all things gardening. We’ll be exploring growing for health and for wildlife, success with homegrown food and flowers, making a thriving garden for you and your family to enjoy, plus how to green up your indoors, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or are just setting out on your growing journey, we promise you an enjoyable – and useful – escape into gardening with every episode.


Adam Frost – my gardening life
2021 Apr 1549m 14s
Gardeners’ World presenter, Adam Frost, reveals how gardening has impacted his life – after dropping out of school, just how did he get where he is today?
Success with veg – with Pippa Greenwood
2021 Apr 0846m 3s
Homegrown food is fresher, healthier and tastier than anything you buy at the supermarket – so veg expert Pippa Greenwood shares how to get started now
Chris Packham on gardening for wildlife
2021 Apr 0133m 15s
More of us than ever want to help wildlife in our gardens but are unsure of the practical steps to take, so we call on Chris Packham – naturalist and Springwatch TV presenter – to share how he's turning his garden into a backdoor nature reserve
The Gardeners' World Podcast - Season 2 Trailer
2021 Mar 3143s
Are you looking for ways to get your gardening fix this spring? Do you love to escape into the garden? Don't miss the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine podcast - perfect for everyone who's got the gardening bug.
Growing your own food
2021 Jan 2837m 49s
Claire Ratinon, food grower and author of How to Grow Dinner Without Leaving the House, shares her tips for raising your own veg, with plenty of tips for those with just a limited space. She reveals how volunteering on a roof top farm in New York got her hooked on veg growing and changed her life for the better. She examines the effect of growing veg on our wellbeing and why it matters that we play a part in managing where our food comes from.
Gardening in schools
2021 Jan 2121m 22s
Wicor Primary School puts gardening at the heart of everything it does – lessons happen outside, natural history is discovered for real on-site and homegrown produce is sold to boost school profits. But exactly how does all this work with the National Curriculum, and how could your kids benefit from the joys of gardening in their school? Louise Moreton has run the teaching gardens at Wicor for more than 12 years and explains all…
Mark Lane on gardening with a disability
2021 Jan 1435m 29s
Mark Lane, BBC Gardeners’ World first presenter in a wheelchair looks back at how a car accident changed his life, forcing him into using a wheelchair. He reveals how he has overcome the difficulties this has given him, and finds ways to adapt gardening techniques and tools so he can keep on doing what he loves. He shares what he’s learned about gardening with a disability and the practical solutions that have enabled him to create not only a lovely garden but also a thriving career.
Gardening against the odds
2021 Jan 0736m 34s
Sue Kent has delighted viewers of Gardeners’ World during lockdown, as she demonstrated creative ways to overcome the challenges of gardening with an upper limb difference. She reveals how she created her Welsh coastal garden using, mostly, her feet and – following her appearance on the TV show – the questions most frequently asked by viewers.
Gardening for a healthier life, with Rangan Chatterjee
2020 Dec 3138m 51s
Dr Rangan Chatterjee, best-selling author and BBC One’s Doctor in the house talks about the many health benefits of gardening; how it affects our sleep, the nutrition we get, and how it can help us lose those extra pounds. He reveals how those with busy schedules can build healthy habits like gardening into their daily routine and why there is no substitute for getting outside and being surrounded by nature for better health.
Monty Don on gardening for wildlife
2020 Dec 2446m
As natural habitats disappear, gardens have become vital for the future survival of much of our wildlife, from unseen soil-dwelling creatures to hedgehogs and house sparrows. Monty Don has been observing the wildlife that visits his garden at Longmeadow for decades – and how his gardening has encouraged those creatures to not only visit but stay and contribute to a place that’s full of life. As he publishes his discoveries in a new book about the garden wildlife year, we catch up with him to hear his advice on creating a rewarding space that’s as good for wildlife as it is for you.