Ruining Your Childhood
  • Kirsten Ellis and Sarah Hanna
14 episodes
Two friends unpack the media you loved as a child and talk about its history and development.


Tuck Everlasting
2021 Feb 241h 8m 26s
Kirsten and Sarah discuss the wild age difference between Winnie Foster and Jesse Tuck and explore the striking similarities between Tuck Everlasting and Twilight. Content warning: from 44:00 on, we discuss grooming and abuse.
2021 Feb 0347m 12s
In a short but sweet episode, Sarah and Kirsten talk Steven Spielberg, the Children's Television Act of 1990, and Animaniacs fanfiction. Also discussed is pandemic media and which cereals are the best. Email us at!
Star Wars Extended Universe
2021 Jan 291h 6m 55s
In our final (bonus) episode on the Star Wars universe, Kirsten and Sarah talk Rogue One, the Mandalorian, Solo, and the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special. We ask the important questions, such as: Is Rogue One appropriate for kids? Do droids feel pain? Is Chewie an absentee father? Why was Jefferson Starship in the Christmas Special? Tune in as we attempt to figure it out.
Star Wars Episodes VII-IX
2021 Jan 271h 44m 23s
In our final installment of the Skywalker Saga, Sarah and Kirsten discuss the very recent history of racist fans, disappointing plot lines, and Reylo fanfiction. Please send all complaints, arguments, praise, and Reylo fan art to or on Facebook and Twitter!
Star Wars Episodes I-III
2021 Jan 131h 21m 8s
Sarah and Kirsten dive into the Star Wars prequels and discuss bad dialogue, racial stereotypes, and of course Jar Jar Binks. Other topics include: Hayden Christiansen's acting, George Lucas' ex-wife, and the awkward age difference between Padme and Anakin.
Star Wars Episodes IV-VI
2021 Jan 061h 9m 38s
In the inaugural episode of our four-part Star Wars series, Kirsten and Sarah discuss George Lucas' roots as a filmmaker, real life political inspirations for the story, and issues of representation in the original Star Wars trilogy.
2020 Dec 2859m 31s
Sarah and Kirsten dive deep into the origins of Little Orphan Annie and discuss its transformation into the Broadway musical we know today.
Home Alone
2020 Dec 141h 11m 36s
Sarah and Kirsten discuss the overwhelming suburban whiteness of John Hughes movies and how horrible Kevin's parents are. Sarah defends the forgotten third Home Alone movie.
Santa Claus, Pt. 2
2020 Dec 0753m 1s
In part two of our series on Santa Claus, Kirsten and Sarah discuss how 20th century commercialism plays into our modern understanding of Christmas. Also discussed: Elf on the Shelf, dental hygiene, and Christmas in 2020.
Santa Claus, Pt. 1
2020 Nov 3054m 38s
Kirsten and Sarah discuss the early history of Santa Claus, from Saint Nicholas in 3rd Century Turkey to the first department store Santas in the United States. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.