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This podcast is one of my coping mechanism. All contents are my personal opinion.


Chapter Six : Communication and Relationship
2020 Jul 2917m 44s
MewGulf once again reminds me of how important communication is in the relationship.
Chapter Five: Redefined my relationship through MewGulf.
2020 Jul 2628m 1s
Recently, I am following one ship couple, MewGulf couple and found out their relationship is mirroring mine. Suddenly I feel special.
Chapter Four : Hello, My insecurity, long time no see!
2020 Jul 1734m 43s
I've been dealing with a particular issue for years and somehow it happend to appear these days.
Chapter Three : The sense of belonging
2020 Jul 1530m 16s
I found the sense of belonging to our house after almost three years bought it.
Chapter Two
2020 Jul 1229m 33s
My morning routines, making a cup of coffee and eating my breakfast. Try to not so ASMR like but yeah. Chit chat about this week issues and my sleeping habit.
Chapter One : 30's Crisis?
2020 Jul 0721m 46s
Lately, I was bothered by the fact that I'm thirty and have to face more intense and personal problem. Is it really a problem or I'm just tired?
Chapter Zero
2020 Jul 0610m 35s
This chapter is an introduction chapter. I tell you basic informations of me. Nice to meet you!
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