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Join “The Creator” Chantal for her weekly podcast covering the random things on her mind, ways to be better in adulting and your relationships. I am not your typical expected gossip podcast; I am not talking about the mainstream topics because how many times can you actually listen to that!?! Come on, click that show title and get these abs from these laughs I’m serving. My opinions on things are based on logic, common sense and not allowing people to solely think with their feelings only. People who love the show respect the truth.

As a single, been there done that relationship tourist I feel like yall in good hands with me. Is my mouth a HR issue on loud speakers? Maybe. Will I point your gut in the right direction? Yes. Will I put that battery pack in yo back? Yes. Will I come through and fix your life? Hell nah!!! She’s the lady from West Philly, with two Caribbean parents who isn’t scared to tell a mofo no!!! SHE Gets It podcast is here to be the mirror you avoid, but need to see in order to improve the you, deep down that you need to get to. Come for a breath of fresh air from uniformity, followers and the expected. Welcome to Season 12 SHE is still providing everything you never expected.

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Sz 11 E 16: Hold Back The Pubes
2021 Apr 1913m 47s
Appreciate everyone who prepares a healthy, hairless, fresh smelling private for feast. We can’t be begging for oral and we haven’t done maintenance!!!! Holding back the hair because I am not a cat that wants a fur ball is appreciated!!! Some men do like a fur on their cuisine... for my man pieces I prefer that jungle to be tapered back.
Sz 11 E 15: Being A Virtuous Woman
2021 Apr 1741m 7s
Do women today still have a standard that they abide by? Do women today move on a moral code still? How were today's women raised? How do they view their mothers? What kind of woman do you want your daughters to become?
Stereo: Why Dont Women Pursue Men More??? w/ Dungeon Pt 3
2021 Apr 161h 13m 3s
Part 3: Women Should Pursue Men More
Stereo: Why Dont Women Pursue Men More??? w/ Dungeon Pt 2
2021 Apr 151h 24m 38s
Part 2: Pursued by a woman???
Stereo: Why Dont Women Pursue Men More??? w/ Dungeon Pt 1
2021 Apr 142h 2m 24s
Tonight was real!!! This is a 3 part show, Dungeon and I recorded on Stereo for 5 hours. The guest were amazing, the comments and info. We asked a lot about why women don’t pursue men and got a lot of feedback!!! #happyhumpday #stereoapp #shegetsitpod
Sz 11 E 14: Blood Type O +
2021 Apr 129m 8s
It’s important to know your blood type and the diet you should be eating along with it. The foods to avoid and the right foods to eat.
Sz 11 E 13: Mean Spirited People
2021 Apr 0911m 8s
There is no love that can be given to someone who adores trouble, drama and hate. A lot of wasted energy happens that way. I keep mean spirited people away from me.
Sz 11 E 12: Its An "Us" Problem
2021 Apr 071h 1m 57s
Dear, melanated people...Yall are too beautiful, smart, and creative to be out here constantly creating topics and rooms to bash each other value for clout or likes. We use too much self-hate on each other and it's embarrassing !!!
Sz 11 E 11: 11:11
2021 Apr 0519m 25s
What's so special about 11? Yall thought it was just a number? Nah, not to me... What you see, hear, feel and do when the visual appears is important.
Sz 11 E 10 : Accountability w/ Pops aka Vic
2021 Apr 031h 13m 35s
What is accountability? Do you show up for your choices every day? How do you set boundaries and love the people in your life? I got my NYC fam, Pops aka Professor Vic, Poker face, and Mr don't miss a Barber session ever on the mic. This one. this episode has been overdue for a lil over a year. We share lessons, growth, and relaxation all throughout this one.