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How do I START OVER without fear of failure? How do I START OVER to move forward without past baggage? How do I START OVER...After abuse? After divorce? After loss? Through Midlife changes? Welcome to Starting Over...Inspirational Visions Podcast with your Host Mary A Markham, where we will answer those questions and more. This Podcast will provide tips, inspirational stories, experiences and messes turned into messages. Subscribe TODAY and stay connected as you START OVER along your journey.


Starting Again and again and again...
2021 Apr 1544m 19s
Have you ever said to yourself, “Here I go AGAIN!” Or, asked yourself, “How many times must I start over again?” Today’s guest describes her “Starting Over” as really “Starting Again and again and again” journey.
Rising Brave
2021 Mar 3046m 22s
What does the term Rising Brave mean to you? Are you ready for Bravery and being Confident enough to take on the World?
Love is the Answer
2021 Mar 1542m 53s
Are you feeling unloved? By the end of this episode you will definitely know YOU ARE LOVED!
Freedom of the Soul
2021 Feb 2840m 25s
Today’s guest, Mary Brook is a passionate self development coach, mentor and facilitator helping older adults age well, stay connected and participate in life-long learning. She retired from a career of community counseling and put her professional and personal experience to work by supporting others whose desire is to live vitally into their later years. As a woman in long-term recovery from substance addiction, she has a special place in her heart for those with similar stories who want to continue the good life, in new ways.
Follow Your Heart and the Money Will Come
2021 Feb 1538m 59s
Are you questioning if you’re in the right job or heading down the right career path? If you answered yes, you won’t want to miss this career coaching inspiration from today’s guest Shay Perry.
The Key to Positive Communications
2021 Jan 3039m 53s
Have you ever thought essential oils would help with communication? Listen how Janice Hagans-Higgins helps calm those difficult conversations with a little oil. She will share how having positive energy, with a positive mindset, is the key to positive communications.
Starting Over in a Second Childhood
2021 Jan 1533m 9s
How do you start your day? Today’s guest Cybele Botran’s daily must do is  “BREATH WORK.” She takes long, luxurious breaths through her nose, holds for four counts and exhales for eight. This process brings her into the present moment. She also uses this process early in the morning and to help her fall asleep at night.
Starting Over in 2021 Intro with Mary Markham
2021 Jan 0113m 25s
If you’ve ever asked yourself:
Rhythm of Life
2020 Jun 0317m 39s
In this solo episode, I talk about how to take time for yourself to pause and rest in order to balance your rhythm of life.
Changed Forever
2020 Apr 1510m 53s
How has your life changed during this current pandemic? I share my observations on what I've seen happening.