• Jordan Haygood
23 episodes
Game Podunk's official community podcast, starring various members of the community from staff to members.


Episode 32: Alpha/Beta Soup
2013 Sep 2458m 19s
Did you know?: the word "alphabet" was derived from the first two letters of the Greek...erm, alphabet. Which is, of course, alpha and beta.
Episode 31: Stuff 'n' Such
2013 Sep 111h 7m 55s
It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead. You know, after you murdered me.
Episode 30: Monkey D. Multiplayer
2013 Aug 241h 13m 7s
If you can count how many times Khorne curses in this episode, I'll give you a cookie.
Episode 29: Futuristic Questions
2013 Aug 161h 1m 22s
This is basically an extension of the last episode, actually. We talked a bit about the future of gaming last week, but we never got around to answering our future-related questions. It also didn't help that we got some questions after the recording was over, but whatever. Point is, we decided to make an episode specifically for answering said questions. So here it is.
Episode 28: Gaming and Future and You Know Whatever
2013 Aug 081h 4m 48s
Whatever and stuff. Gaming something something, blah blah blah blah something something something.
Episode 27: Boobs, Fezzes, and Barrels
2013 Aug 0157m 15s
If you came here looking for something dirty, listening to this three-man podcast will only disappoint. If you came here to listen, then good for you!
Episode 26: RPG Time
2013 Jul 231h 9m 59s
What time is it? It's RPG time! We talk about RPGs this week because I DON'T KNOW! After we so courageously discuss what games we've been playing lately, we realize our destinies and talk all about RPGs, from how we feel about the genre, how we feel about the sub-genres, and what our first RPG was to our favorite RPGs, our favorite/least favorite character types, and what kind of RPG we would make if given the opportunity. There are a few questions related to RPGs as well, by the way. RPGs are cool.
Episode 25: Ready... FIGHT!
2013 Jul 171h 7m 54s
With all this EVO happening, it's only natural that we'd do something relevant. So here it is! A fighting game episode. Starring this week's guest - fighting game aficionado Royzoga!
Episode 24: Kaptain of the Knight: The Kickstarter Expansion
2013 Jul 091h 14m 38s
I died again. Or to be more specific, I went on a trip to a shady place without internet and haven't been heard from until now. In my stead, my posse dragged TKtheknight into this episode for his 25th birthday! I'm very sorry we couldn't give you a more worthwhile gift, TK...
Episode 23: Animal Cross Zone (It's All So Addicting!)
2013 Jul 0345m 9s
Do you ever become addicted to games? We do sometimes. Maybe. Okay, so we get super-addicted to everything all the time, so what? WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?!