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Positive vibes and relative topics. The topics will be random, but I would like to use my platform as a information portal, or even a mini mental getaway. Either way it's a come as you are podcast to listen and even give ideas. Relax, unwind and have a drink and come be great with me. Support this podcast:


2021 Feb 148m 20s
Insight on how insecure people maybe knowingly or unknowingly
You can look forward to unexpected things in 2021.
2021 Jan 288m 9s
I know I'm not the only one questioning what's going on in our world, whether its overseas or here. While you have time on your hands and get to spend more time with family, tap in and get into the know as well. Its detrimental.
Just a little something to Provoke Thought
2021 Jan 138m 11s
Just a few zu zu's and whambams
2020 Dec 279m 23s
Personal experience and interactions with others leaves me with things to think about like this small topics
Aspire to Inspire
2020 Dec 205m 11s
A short story. A simple act of love is to inspire while your going through your own storm.
Plan to fail?
2020 Dec 1222m 49s
Sharing a conversation I had earlier. Adding my two sense and the dynamics of my breakdown and prospective.
Social media, character and validation
2020 Dec 1111m 49s
Gives informative insight on how social media breaks down the structure of people and there character based off algorithms. I also leave a few hair tip methods for your tresses.
In this segment I wanted to open up a discussion regarding mixed learning in schools
2020 Nov 1712m 19s
This episode speaks on starting to see the difference on how our education system is failing our kids and is not consistent. Soon,my opinion we'll need a mandatory vaccine to go back to norm or be short changed.
Qweenin Around. An old poem I wrote from 2007
2020 Nov 111m 20s
This is generally a poem of strength and resilience for the melanin in you. Believe it or not I came up with this poem while going through domestic violence. I am a survivor.
2020 Election Day
2020 Nov 034m 34s
You dont need anyone to be great