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I have over half a million of credit card debt. My house is still in mortgage. I am in a sink hole. This podcast is about my quest to be debt-free. Join me as I share my journey to become debt-free. No scratch that I want to more than conquer debt. I want to be financially free.


Debt-free Methodology
2018 Dec 2612m 34s
Hey everybody this is episode number two of Debt-free Thirty. In this episode I discuss about the six Jars System of T Harv Eker. As well as the different concepts from the book Profit First book. I also provided an update on the type of investment that I bought so far as well as insurrance that I bought. that I hope you enjoy this episode.
Hey there debt-free introduction.
2018 Dec 2613m 32s
This is episode number one of debt-free 30. In this episode I shared a little bit about my life and my debt situation. I also shared my account balances as well as the exact amount of debt that I have for each credit card. And lastly I also shared the different strategies or approaches that I will be undertaking in order to conquer that. Join me as I conquer debt one episode at a time.
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