This Is What We Look Like
  • Haley Birkelbach and Laura Blackstock
16 episodes
Encouragement + Community {fueled by sarcasm} They turned forty, settled in, and decided...this is what we look like! Join friends Haley and Laura for some real talk about things that make you think, and laugh. Sometimes a little too loudly. Let's be {best} friends!


This Is What We Look Like When We're Superfans
2021 Apr 0549m 2s
This episode is for you if any of the following apply: you have seen a baseball cup on your countertop, you have tried to get the stench out of football pads to no avail, you've spent too many hours of your life looking around the house for knee pads or cleats, or... for you extremists... you own a weather pod (linked below because they're genius). If you're a sports parent, then this week's episode is full of wisdom from our friend Patrick Cobbs. We ended up dividing the episode into two parts because there's so much good stuff. We hope you enjoy!!
This Is What We Look Like With Spring Fever
2021 Mar 2938m 44s
We're BACK! Did you even notice we were gone? All kidding aside, it feels so good to be back on the podcast talking and wrapping up our spring breaks: whale watching, junk food eating, and the PTSD that we have from spring break last year. Can you believe that its been an entire year since we didn't know the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?
This Is What We Look Like When We're Peeved
2021 Feb 2248m 39s
Since we're already a little on edge after the Snowpocalypse that hit our beloved Texas this week, we thought it was a great time to discuss our pet peeves.  Not that being locked inside with our families sparked any great content. No, not at all. We cover a myriad of annoyances from what you chew, (hint: extra large pickles are a hard NO) to how you chew, and meetings, dishes, parking and everything in between. We've got you covered.  What really makes your blood boil?
This Is What We Look Like When We Tie Up Loose Ends
2021 Feb 1545m 17s
After Episode 111, we felt like we left you all hanging just a little bit, so we are back to talk about Snapchat again this week. We'll share a few stories, and most importantly, some good resources with you on parenting tweens and teens through technology issues. And we promise, we'll be as hilarious as ever (if we ever were?) next week. Here are a few resources we mentioned during the episode:
This Is What We Look Like When We Bend and Snap
2021 Feb 0841m 31s
We said it maybe five or eight times during the episode, but we aren't experts on kids and we aren't experts on social media. But that sure doesn't stop us from dedicating an entire episode to discussing both.  Luckily, our friend Annie has a bit more wisdom to share and it comes from THE most reliable source.... teenagers. In this episode we take a few marco polo messages and expand them into an episode about Snapchat. Annie took our snapchat questions and posed them to her high school students. You may be surprised at what they said- we certainly were.  We really hope you find the information to be useful, and don't worry, we promise next week we'll try to laugh some more!
This Is What We Look Like With Our Foot In Our Mouth
2021 Feb 0151m 49s
Sometimes we open our mouths, and the complete wrong thing comes out. If your name is Haley, it happens pretty often... usually in an elevator. Listen to find out how group prayer and Hillsong concerts can both be highly dangerous places, and how sometimes, kids say and do the strangest things. We’ll give you the deets on our new Walmart favorites AND our upcoming Spread the Love campaign! 💗 💗 💗 (Links below)
This Is What We Look Like When We Try Real Hard
2021 Jan 2546m 33s
Our resolutions for 2021? Podcast more. Laugh more. Serve more. Connect more. Do math less. Join us as we talk about the usual, the obscure, and the hilarious resolutions of the new year. Haley had some big goals for international travel, but COVID-19 in her actual house kind of ruined that dream. Now she's just shooting for getting her passport renewed. Should she still try? Or should she wait until she's packing the car for her next trip? This year, Laura would like to not hear things. Especially repetitive things. Like the earworm of ice chomping or spoon-to-bowl clanging. 2021 is the year of small dreams, and low-level commitments. What are your not-so-hard resolutions?
This Is What We Look Like With A Holiday Hangover
2021 Jan 1848m 34s
We're back, friends!  It feels like it's been ages since we've sat down and hit the record button. We're so excited to talk with you again, that even a little COVID sweeping through one of our houses couldn't keep us away. Between Christmas heroes, football playoffs, Walmart surprises and December 26th birthdays, there is a lot to cover for this episode. So let's turn the page together, y'all. It's a new year, and even if it's started a little rocky, it's going to be amazing! We just know it.
This Is What We Look Like When Things Don't Go As Planned: 2020, Part 2
2020 Dec 2138m 54s
Our last podcast episode of the year! We are bidding 2020 farewell by recapping the most searched google terms of the year, again. We learned a few things. We may have watched a little bit of tv in 2020. We may have missed an opportunity to make sourdough bread. We  may or may not have experimented with curtain bangs. Join us for the last podcast episode of 2020. Can I get an amen?
This Is What We Look Like When Things Don't Go As Planned: 2020
2020 Dec 1440m 37s
Well 2020, we're probably not going to look back on you with too much nostalgia, but we're taking the opportunity this week to recap the year anyway. Google ranks their most searched terms each year, and the list is fascinating, revealing, hilarious, and also heavy. We'll start the conversation here in this episode, and finish up next week. So thanks to curtain bangs and Tinkle razors for keeping this conversation somewhat light. And as for 2020, we need to break up.  Like, now.