III Sides to Every Story
  • Shivesh Datta
3 episodes
There are three sides to every story. Your view, my view and the truth. We take a topic and present both sides of the argument and let you decide which you agree with.


Episode 3 - Is the WHO complicit in over 1 million COVID deaths?
2020 Oct 1524m 54s
The World Health Organisation is the global independent body charged with the responsibility to provide timely and relevant recommendations to improve health care and protect us from epidemics. Is that what they have done in 2020?
Episode 2 - Donald Trump's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination
2020 Oct 0916m 16s
Today we debate whether or not there was merit in the President's nomination for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.
Episode 1 - Media in India
2020 Oct 0916m 22s
What role does the media play in directing constructive discussion on issues that matter?
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