Aneu Perspective
  • Joseph Valenzuela
10 episodes
Aneu Perspective explores breakthrough strategies, techniques, and technologies with leading industry experts in pursuit of optimizing & harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. A better you enriches the community around you, and progressively renews the world. Grow with us.


010 - Aneu Perspective with Dr. Amber Krogsrud
2020 Nov 0445m 35s
Dr. Amber is a Naturopathic Doctor from Southern California who specializes in helping patients restore their Circadian Rhythm and hormone levels. Filmed one week after Host Joseph Valenzuela became a new Dad for the first time, these tips on restoring healthy sleep & having more productive days couldn't have been more timely.
009 - Aneu Perspective with Dr. Matt Kreinheder & Sherri Babaie
2020 Nov 041h 10m 17s
Dr. Matt Kreinheder holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic Practice and a Master's Degree in Acupuncture. He spent ten years practicing a technique called Network Spinal Analysis, and has also been a personal coach for entrepreneurs focused on moving the good of humanity and business forward. Sherri Babaie is a personal coach with a professional background in sales and business and has been a student and patient of Dr. Matt as a part of her professional and personal journey. The group talks through natural healing, processing emotions, the impacts of social media on our society, and multiple tools to optimize your nervous system.
008 - Aneu Perspective with Molly Butler
2020 Nov 0450m 19s
Molly Butler's life came crashing down in 2012 when her Father suddenly went missing. After 9 months of searching with no answers and languishing pain, she got the dreaded call from a detective letting her know he had been murdered. This experience left her feeling helpless, hopeless, and suicidal.
007 - Aneu Perspective with Dustin Miller
2020 Nov 0454m 25s
Dustin Miller is a Real Estate Syndicator with over 90 Million Dollars in Deals Done. Without a Real Estate license, he's been able to earn over 7-figures a year for himself by helping to generate great returns for his investors in commercial deals. If you've ever wanted to earn money in Real Estate but felt unsure where to start, start here.
006 - Aneu Perspective with Zuby
2020 Nov 041h 10m 6s
In today's challenging "cultural climate", host Joseph Valenzuela interviews rising celebrity from the UK Zuby to try and find "Aneu Perspective" to some of the difficult questions facing the West today. Zuby is a rapper, an Oxford University graduate, an author, and a free thinker who's been on the Joe Rogan Experience, The Ben Shapiro Sunday Special, the Candace Owens Show, and a Fox News contributor.
005 - Aneu Perspective with Craig Holiday
2020 Nov 041h 15m 29s
Entrepreneur & mentor Craig Holiday has “been there & done that” in business and family. Host Joseph Valenzuela discusses healing trauma, raising strong children, and the benefits of growing up with a traditional worldview.
004 - Aneu Perspective with Tommy Sobel
2020 Nov 041h 2m 34s
Joseph Valenzuela interviews Tommy Sobel, Digital Wellness Expert & Founder of  They discuss the challenges of living in the digital era and the best strategies to not only combat them, but also learn healthy habits for a more conscious relationship with technology, so you use it instead of it using you.
003 - Aneu Perspective with Jeff Chilton
2020 Nov 0458m 58s
Joseph Valenzuela interviews Medicinal Mushroom Master and Industry legend Jeff Chilton. Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Nammex, one of the highest quality mushroom cultivators in the world. We discuss how special mushrooms are to our human race in their ability to treat disease and enhance our quality of life, as well as how they help our reshape our environment as one of the unique kingdoms of our planet.
002 - Aneu Perspective with Thomas Macsay
2020 Nov 042h 13m 34s
Joseph Valenzuela interviews Naturopathic Doctor and Co-Formulator of our flagship products Dr. Thomas Macsay. We discuss the differences between Naturopathic and Allopathic Medicine, and also dive DEEP into the “how and why” we formulated our Aneu Day + Night products to refine your circadian rhythm.
001 - Aneu Perspective with Dr. Philip Blaire, MD
2020 Nov 041h 5m 50s
Joseph Valenzuela interviews West Point grad, Retired Colonel, and Top CBD Expert Dr. Philip Blaire. They discuss what has created the recent boom of CBD globally, and the many different ways it effects our body to enhance our quality of life.
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