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Everyone has a dream, an idea, a passion but many never get a platform to share it with the world. Welcome to PalmerTalk where we learn from the underground hustlers, the forward thinkers; our future leaders. And hear some crazy f*cking stories along the way…


PalmerTalk - Joe "the barber" Daoud
2021 Mar 0920m 25s
Part 2 of JP’s interview with Joe The Barber. We learn how Joe was able to grow his clientele list using a so-called “outdated” method of marketing. We also learn why it is important to have different sources of income and why you shouldn’t discuss your “master plan” with just anybody. Enjoy! Be a friend! Tell a friend! Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Comment!
PalmerTalk - Albert Mendoza
2021 Mar 0947m 27s
JP is BACK in Massachusetts and joined by a very special guest Mr. Albert Mendoza! Today, the boys discuss what life is like back on campus. JP recalls his heartbreaking college rejection letters and Albert drops his insight on why most young relationships fail. As well as JP's infamous birthday tale is finally told... ENJOY! Be a friend! Tell a friend!
Talking Sports With Tait #2
2021 Jan 161h 1m
In this episode, JP & ZT are BACK recapping an amazing SUPER NFL Wildcard Weekend as well as getting you ready for the next round of the 2021 NFL Playoffs. Plus some intel on the Deshaun Watson saga! ENJOY!
PalmerTalk - Manav Arora
2020 Dec 2450m 32s
This episode JP is joined by Manav Arora, host of a newly released podcast called @brownnbrowner. We learn why Manav decided to start a podcast, and what @brownnbrowner is looking to bring to the podcasting world! A new segment WTF News debuts as well as an intense self-reflection segment! Enjoy! Be a friend! Tell a friend!
Talking Sports With Tait #1
2020 Dec 0739m 12s
JP takes a small break from the self improvement talk and is joined by Mr. Zachary Tait! As they do a deep dive into this years Rookie NFL Quarterbacks! A new segment called THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL UPDATE w/ Tait debuts as well as a HILARIOUS NY Jets rant by JP! Enjoy!
PalmerTalk - Dominick Calabrese
2020 Nov 0355m 43s
Felt good to get one under my belt! Can't wait to do more! Follow @PalmerTalk on instagram to stay up to date!
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