• Alberto Castillo
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I'm Alberto Castillo, a 30 year old International English Teacher, CEO of The Human Connections Magazine. and a random human being just learning life as I go. Join me as I talk about random topics, share my own experiences and stories about life, along with random guests and friends from all avenues of life. I hope you enjoy!


Finding Your Purpose and Why
2021 Mar 311h 1m 42s
In this episode I am joined by my friend, Prasanna Karur, host of the Playground Podcast. I met Prasanna in a networking event for podcasters and somehow clicked ended up taking over the platform with different viewers during the event discussing different topics and in general the journey of life. Because I enjoyed the conversation I had with him, I decided to bring him on the show and discuss more interesting topics for you guys to enjoy. In this episode we dive into his life story, how he handles stress, working with people on the spectrum and the journey of life! You don't want to miss it! We hope you enjoy!
You Need Surgery... What? Oh Shit!
2021 Mar 1516m 54s
In this episode I go over my wonderful experience from the Chinese Hospital where I got my surgery, the unexpected connection I created with 5 strangers and how I found my faith in humanity in the most unexpected place.
Buying Homes
2021 Mar 0242m 3s
Jay Sener, a Realtor from San Diego and very good friend of mine, go over the process of buying a home and the benefits in a two part interview. This is part 1. I hope you enjoy! <3
Within the Week: Kick Yourself for your Troubles!
2021 Feb 023m 39s
Take accountability for your actions! There are so many times that we put the blame on circumstances and other people, but fail to realize we are the ones to blame for our own misfortunes majority of the time. Like Theodore Roosevelt once said, " If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month". So go handle your shit and kick ass today! Much love <3
Life vs. Lifestyle
2020 Dec 1453m
Join me in a conversation with my friend and fellow podcaster, Donald Williams Jr., in which we talk about keeping a balance between life, lifestyle, work, challenges and relationships.
Within the Week: Be a Good Human Being
2020 Dec 114m 6s
A quick Within the Week episode challenging the listeners to be good human beings.
2020 Dec 052m 44s
A friendly reminder of the beautiful person you truly are! Kick ass you crazy human being!
Self Care with Jason Woltz
2020 Nov 2450m 45s
In this episode I decide to invite my friend , Jason Woltz , to discuss about the topic self care and offer us some insight on some of the difficulties and solutions in taking better care of ourselves.
Within the Week: Take a Break
2020 Nov 205m 52s
There's a lot of things going on in our lives: making sure we stay safe through a pandemic, providing for our families, keeping up with our responsibilities, and making sure we just get through 2020. So how do we make sure we remain sane? Maybe it can be as easy as taking a small break.
Within the Week: Better late, than never!
2020 Nov 1610m 34s
In my short miniseries within my podcast I decide to dive into the quote, "Better late, than ever" and reflect about how this quote hits home to many people including myself. In the end of the episode I decide to practice what I preach by doing an acapella cover for the song "500 Miles", I hope you enjoy it!