GPP Podcast: Career Coaching for Budding Advocates, Politicos, Policy Wonks & Social Entrepreneurs
  • Amy Heath-Carpentier and Susan Craig
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Are you a burgeoning policy wonk, politico, change agent, advocate, or public sector or nonprofit leader? Dreaming of being a diplomat, running for office, or founding a nonprofit? The Washington University in St. Louis Career Center has you covered. Join Amy Heath-Carpentier and Susan Craig, lecturers in international affairs and co-directors of the WashU Career Center's Government and Public Policy Work Group (GPP), to assess, explore, search, and launch a career in the complex and, too often, opaque world of government, policy, nonprofits, and advocacy.


All About Interviews
2021 Apr 0717m 58s
Amy and Susan provide insight and skills to help you prepare for your interview and land that internship or job. Whether it's your first interview or your tenth, there is something here for you. Some great resources from the Washington University in St....
Just for Parents!
2021 Mar 089m 52s
Our 2021 grads asked us to produce an episode just for the parents, family, and friends of students interested in government, policy, advocacy, nonprofit, or international affairs. Amy and Susan explain what you need to know to best support your student!
All About Writing Samples
2021 Mar 059m 8s
Many applications ask you to submit a writing sample with your resume and cover letter. What should you send? Amy and Susan discuss your options, how to interpret what the hiring manager is looking for, and how to prepare in advance so that you're...
How to Write Amazing Cover Letters
2021 Feb 0914m 29s
In this episode we talk about how to make your cover letter stand out from the stack. We'll offer some tips so that your cover letter is as much about the organization you're applying to as it is about you, demonstrates your commitment to the...
Internship Search Strategies - Part 4 Listings & Job Boards
2021 Feb 0513m
When you imagine yourself searching for an internship, you likely see yourself scrolling through internship listings on a job board, but surprise! This isn't the most effective use of your limited time. You should be selective about the job boards and...
Internship Search Strategies - Part 3 Networking
2021 Jan 2122m 20s
Networking! Just the idea provokes dread in the most steadfast of hearts, but networking isn't mingling. The core tool in networking is informational interviewing, which is almost like a qualitative research tool you deploy to figure out what you want...
Internship Search Strategies - Part 2 Targeting
2021 Jan 0811m 47s
Internship Search Strategies for Government, Policy, & Advocacy Part 2: Targeting!In the last episode, Amy and Susan discussed internship search strategies for government,  policy, advocacy, international affairs, and nonprofits. They detail the...
Internship Search Strategies - Part 1 Overview
2020 Dec 1517m 16s
Internship Search Strategies for Government, Policy, & AdvocacyAmy and Susan discuss internship search strategies for government, policy, advocacy, and international affairs. They detail the three elements of a good search strategy and how to spend...
The Four Phases of the Career Development Process
2020 Dec 1113m 42s
In this episode, Susan and Amy describe the four phases of the career development process (Assess, Explore, Search, and Launch). They provide insider tips for how these phases unfold in government, policy, advocacy, and international affair searches....
Resumes for Government, Policy, and Advocacy
2020 Oct 1218m 16s
Susan and Amy discuss the document that's central to internship and job applications: the resume. They cover why the resume is central to government, policy, and advocacy applications, how to format it, and the difference between a resume and CV....
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