• Avery Jerabek
5 episodes
Information about the Plymouth Colony and why the English settlers should live there.


How did slavery developed in America?
2020 Oct 041m 58s
This is episode 4 out of 4 and this is about how slavery developed and how it still impacts us today.
How did representative government develop?
2020 Oct 041m 45s
Episode 3 out of 4, this is about how representative government developed and how it affects us today.
How does where you live, impacts how you live?
2020 Oct 041m 41s
This is episode 2 out of 4, and talks about how where you live impacts how you live.
Why do people move?
2020 Oct 041m 38s
This is episode 1 out of 4, and this is information about why people moved in the past is similar to why people move today.
Plymouth Colony
2020 Aug 292m 13s
This is an episode about Plymouth and some information about the Colony and settlement.
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