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Fall & Rise is a hoops podcast between two different types of players. They both love ball, but they both have different paths to where they are now. One's a rookie and the other's a veteran. Their opinions can vary and the intense debates can fall and rise.


2019 Jun 1059m 34s
We're finally back after a short break! Karim and Inti had a lot to catch up in The Q including the B.A.B.E., the Crossover Challenge, and other basketball news in Quebec. The rook and the vet obviously had to talk about the NBA Finals and the Raptors chances at their first ever championship. We obviously had to throw in some gems for y'all and a lot more in episode 24!
GIVEAWAY!!! 2019 NBA Playoffs Preview, Provincial Champs & NBA AWARD | Fall & Rise Episode 22
2019 Apr 1255m 14s
RSEQ D2 Provincials wrapped up last week so we recapped the final games as well as the NCAA National Championships. With the NBA regular season now coming to an end, Karim and Inti give their playoff preview and NBA awards predictions.
THE Q AT BIOSTEEL | Fall & Rise EP 21
2019 Apr 1049m
The guys are back and their recap the 2019 BioSteel All-Canadians games and the players from The Q! They also talked about March Madness and the Final Four as well as the last bit of the NBA season leading up to the playoffs.
2019 Apr 1048m 36s
We're back! We recapped last week's CCAA Nationals and the performances by Vanier, Dawson, and Sainte-Foy! We also had to talk some March Madness after a crazy Duke-UCF game! If ever you wanted to hear about free will or cheesy rap bars the  we have that too!
TRADE LEBRON? | Fall & Rise | Episode 19
2019 Mar 1251m 43s
The Q was well represented on the men's and women's side this weekend during U Sports' Final 8 so, obviously Karim and Inti had to do a recap. They also preview the CCAA Nationals coming up this week for men and women and how the Quebec teams will perform. As far as NBA news, they discuss Jeff Van Gundy's comment on the Lakers potentially trading Lebron James and some of the more underrated players in the league like Devin Booker and Anthony Davis.
RSEQ PROVINCIALS CHAMPS! | Fall & Rise | Episode 18
2019 Mar 0733m 8s
In episode 18, Karim and Inti take a look back at this weekend's RSEQ CEGEP Provincials and recap all the actions. They talk about the Vanier men's and Dawson women's dominance throughout the season as well as the Quebec team participating in the CCAA Nationals!
Tristan Thompson CHEATED AGAIN! RSEQ Preview & Relationship advice | Fall & Rise | Episode 17
2019 Feb 2845m 59s
In this episode, Karim and Inti touch on the recent controversy surrounding Cavaliers Forward Tristan Thompson and turn it into some GEMS about relationship advice. Other than that, they previewed some of the matchups in the RSEQ circuit for CEGEP and University.
Vanier Cheetahs Go Undefeated, CEGEP Playoff & NBA All-Star | Fall & Rise | Episode 16
2019 Feb 2851m 32s
In episode 16 we had to talk about Vanier's 16th win as they completed an undefeated regular season, a feat that hasn't been done in years. We also previewed the men's CEGEP playoffs as the matchups are set. Karim and Inti also talk about the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend and some of the best All-Star memories.
RAPTORS SIGN CHRIS BOUCHER | Fall & Rise | Episode 15
2019 Feb 2830m 2s
NEW EPISODE OUT! In EP15, Karim and Inti talk about the final push in the RSEQ CEGEP regular season and some key trades at the NBA deadline!
Anthony Davis Trade Talks | Fall & Rise EP14
2019 Feb 0543m 31s
In this episode, Karim & Inti address and apologize on last week's controversy around Ahuntsic Head Coach, they talk about the few upsets thag happened in RSEQ CEGEP hoops and discuss NBA trades surrounding Anthony Davis and Kristaps Porzingis.